“A crisis is a moment in which the past has the least hold on the present and the present has a maximum hold on the future “
~ Robert Hand (astrologer)
There is, understandably, a great deal of concern regarding the Square forming between Saturn and Pluto that will be exact on November 15, 2009, January 31, 2010 & August 21, 2010.
These are difficult energies to combine and there is much I would like to say regarding these issues. I will find time to write more as we get deeper into this but for now I wanted to drop something here to think about.
Please do not buy into all the panic you hear about these coming times. Do not spend a lot of energy being overly concerned; do not waste your thoughts on worry. We need to use our energy to prepare for the work ahead.
Astrology is a symbolic language. Under each symbol, there are many layers. Pluto is a symbol that brings transformation. That transformation will come. There will likely be destruction, but, please, remember that the phoenix rises out of the ashes. Without destruction, there is no space for what needs to be born anew.
Keep your eyes open, stay curious with thoughts steady, develop strength of character, keep yourself strong and healthy.
Think about the layers beneath these symbols and the layers of our lives. Individual, family, community, humanity, all that lives, all the cosmos…
First, on an individual level, you – as one, will be transformed. Pan out, just a little, your core family –partners, children, yourself – will be transformed. Again, Pan out further, gain more perspective, include your birth family, your community – will be transformed. Continue moving out, the larger community, humanity – will be transformed.
…and so on. Fascinating to contemplate the possibilities.
We are living in interesting times. There is much unknown ahead. We need to prepare ourselves to do what work there is for us to do.