‘Pumpkins’ photo by Laurie
Is it Monday already? I’m not sure where the weekend went! All that I had intended to accomplish is still left undone! It is good to remember that sometimes we need to surrender to what life has in mind for us regardless of what we think ‘must’ be done!
On Saturday the Sun moved into Scorpio bringing with it a surge of desire to control our world. With a small crowd of planets now in Scorpio we may notice a desire for influence, power, control and all the things that represent those energies in our world: money, sex, strength, deep secrecy and intensity.
As Mercury and Venus join hands in this deepest space, we have the opportunity to express great depths of feelings regarding our most personal values in relationship. Mars is also moving through Pluto’s sign of Scorpio. Watch our tendencies to be obsessive, reclusive and secretive. During this time we are able to express our deepest beliefs and values if we are willing to extend our vulnerability.
In order to come forth as the Phoenix one must go to the depths of vulnerability – that is one important lesson of Scorpio.
Find the places/people that allow for vulnerability, that are safe, deep and warm. It is suggested that great transformation can come through opening to your deepest hidden secrets, all those places within yourself that you don’t even want to look into.
The Moon moving into Gemini this morning brings some light and ease into all this intensity. Transformation can occur as we open the depth of Scorpio to the light of day! The conversations are important. Find ways to talk clearly and with kindness.
‘Squash’ photo by Laurie

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