Pay attention to what you plant today, for it will grow!

Okay, so what is so special about Tuesday’s LIBRA NEW MOON and why should I still be thinking about it today? This month’s NEW MOON falls in a particularly sensitive area of the zodiac.A NEW MOON is always about planting seeds for new beginnings.
The intensely powerful energies of  PLUTO and URANUS tip us off to the fact that seeds planted during this time (including the day before and several days after the exact NEW MOON) involve not only the LIBRA issues of relationship and cooperation but also the universal humanitarian themes of empowerment, transformation, revolution, independence and intensification. The involvement of MERCURY AND MARS bring in the more ordinary everyday issues of interpersonal communications and how we deal with the uncomfortable energies of anger, rage, courage and will.  Whatever seeds are planted at this NEW MOON contain all of these energies, These seeds have the potential to grow very deep roots indeed! This is an intensely powerful time!
Look at how your true personal values are being expressed in your relationships, your social interactions and/or your expression of creativity, love and beauty. What are you longing to create in your life? What unconventional longing has been untended for too long? It is time to plant, hold and nurture the seeds of the upcoming changes you wish to creat.
Look at the demands of our culture at this moment in history and understand that this is a seed moment. Humanity is in revolt. This NEW MOON is calling out the and shining a light on the ongoing energy of the URANUS SQUARE PLUTO which has gotten so much press in the astrological world in the past year or more.
Read this from Jamie Partridge from DarkStar Astrology:
Revolution/transformation is being demanded in every corner of the world. The same is being demanded in our personal lives. The status quo is no longer viable. The seeds planted now will grow to help in the ultimate transformation that is happening in all of our lives.
Be well, pay careful attention to what you are planting, keep your eyes open and know that change brings us ever forward. As the days progress there is much work that must be done, but for another day or two we can rest in the internal work of planting seeds in our minds, in our hearts and in the love we offer to those in our lives.