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Sun enters Virgo: Empowerment through Organization and Service August 23, 2023, 5:01 AM EDT (adjust for your timezone).

Shortly after the Sun enters Virgo, Mercury the ruler of Virgo, turns retrograde at 21º Virgo. Jennie and I discuss Virgo itself, the main themes of the Virgo season, and the week-by-week lowdown before launching into the personal impacts for individuals. This is determined by your rising sign although listening to the one for your Sun sign will give additional information.

Watch the first 33 minutes for a general understanding of this time, then skip ahead to understand the personal impact based on your rising and Sun signs. Be sure to watch the signs that relate to your loved ones as well.

The mutable earth sign of Virgo ushers in the harvest season and the end of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. This time closes the winter season in the Southern Hemisphere.

With the ruling planet Mercury turning retrograde on the day Virgo season begins, it is time for each of us to get to the bottom of our mental processes and understand what is beneath our thought patterns.

Mars enters the air sign Libra, the only sign change in the season on August 27, and Venus in Leo stations direct on September 3. The Pisces Full Moon on August 30 reiterates the need to see the big picture – delusions, suffering, enlightenment, and so much more. The New Moon on September 14 gives you a chance to plant a seed to practice and work with diligence, right before Mercury stations direct the next day. This process is very well supported by the presence of a grand trine that involves the outer planets Pluto and Uranus, and the Sun, during the last portion of the season.


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