Profound shifts of energy occurred before we even got our of bed this morning.
A month ago (March 20th) the Sun moved into the pioneering, warrior sign of Aries where it joined company with Uranus, Mercury and Jupiter.  Mars also joined the party on April 2nd.  During this time we became accustomed to an edge of action, anxiety, assertion and aggression in everyone and everything around us.
If we have used this time well, we have been productive and pushed ourselves forward, accomplishing much in the process.  With Mercury retrograde there is the potential that we have cleaned up a lot of loose ends that had been languishing since Mercury’s last retrograde cycle in December.  If we have been attentive and used our energy well we will start with a clean slate when Mercury turns direct on Saturday morning, April 23rd.
Very early this morning the Sun entered Taurus.  We can relax a bit. Think of Taurus The Bull. Not the raging bull but the one who knows how to rest in his power. Ferdinand the bull is a lovely symbol of Taurus.
One of my coworkers asked if I thought it was a coincidence that the cannabis culture’s 420 holiday falls on the day that the Sun enters Taurus!  Interestingly I had never thought of this. Today, at my day job, I encountered a number of young people who were celebrating the holiday.  This gave me the opportunity to observe and give the matter some thought.
We astrologers always link alcohol and drugs (along with poetry, fantasy, dreams, delusion, inspiration & compassion) to Pisces/ Neptune and yet when I think about Taurus’ connection to cannabis use, a different type of connection makes sense as well.
I think about how Steven Forrest talks about Taurus in “The Inner Sky”.  He refers to the ability of Taurus to feel reverence for earthy sensuality.  Cannabis connects us to the sensuality of Taurus, skin on skin. Pisces certainly refers to the drug/alcohol issues of escapism and mystical transcendence.
I think there is a clear and logical explanation for the cannabis holiday being the day that the Sun moves into Taurus.
If you celebrate, do so wisely and with the reverence of Taurus.  In the morning wake up to the energy of Taurus that builds and maintains stability, steadfastness and reliability.