Saturday, as the day began, we also begin our one month odyssey (an extended adventurous voyage or quest) into pleasure! It seems that we should celebrate this day the way we celebrate New Year’s! Leo brings us warmth, generosity and pleasure. For me this is the beginning of a new cycle. With 6 planets in LEO in my natal horoscope, the month of LEO certainly makes my heart sing!
The past week has been relatively calm, a time of rest following some of the rougher issues (think: eclipses) we have recently handled. Now we are ready for some serious changing of the guard. This past month we have tended to our homes, our families and our security issues. Perhaps our home base is now stable enough now to emotionally support the adventures that this LEO cycle presents.
Today the SUN joins MERCURY in LEO and before another week passes VENUS will joyously follow! Mercury exits LEO during its retrograde cycle but returns to spend the better part of the month with the SUN and VENUS in LEO! These three planets very often travel together. The core energy of the season aligns with our values, our sense of beauty and our ability to understand and communicate those values. This can be a very idealistic time.
In the USA there is a holiday in every month of the year EXCEPT August. I think that the LEO SUN just can not allow anything to get in the way of the pure celebration of warmth, generosity and dramatic creativity!
It is time to take center stage, to open without hesitation to the most extroverted, dramatic, vital and playful sides of ourselves and our lives. If you find yourself holding back, think of the SUN in August, there is no holding back the generous expression, the outpouring of warmth. This is a great time to practice the full expression of generosity and warmth toward ourselves and others!
Isn’t it almost time to head to the beach?