This is going to be an abbreviated post. I am simply too preoccupied to do much writing. I am in New Jersey for The Famous Annual Seminar for the students of The Noel Tyl Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology. Noel Tyl is an amazingly powerful teacher, as are many of his students, and the seminar is deeply intense with little time to focus on anything else!
This is a significant week with the Sun entering Aquarius just as the week begins!
On Sunday night, January 19th, at 10:51 PM EST the Sun leaves the serious, matter-of-fact Capricorn world and steps forward into the excitement, innovation, and emotional detachment of Aquarius! This is a powerful shift. The sun will remain in Aquarius until February 18, 2014
Take this period of time to seek out your tribe, to find and develop your truth. This is time to share your ideas and your energies, with others, for the benefit of others. This is a time to bring wild minds together to serve a future goal.

Monday, January 20, 2014:

Pay attention and you will notice the shift on Sunday night as the Sun enters Aquarius! Are you ready to face the responsibilities of the new ideas and innovations that are ready to begin?
As we adjust to the intensely independent and intellectual core energy of the Sun in Aquarius, the Moon in Virgo allows us to make the shift with a bit of order and stability.
The Moon is in lovely aspect to both Venus and Saturn on Monday, encouraging efficiency and dedication to accomplishment. We have the ability to focus on details, organization, and the refinement of processes and systems.
Remember, however, that Virgo is about more than just organizing our closets. Consider the underlying reason for Virgo’s productivity.  Consider the importance for Virgo of having something to perfect in order to provide a service of value to others.
Following a lovely opportunity for stabilization (Moon Sextile to Saturn) at 3:56 PM EST the moon is VOC . Don’t make any  dramatic plans, spend a low key evening with a good book or low key company.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014:

On Tuesday the Moon enters Libra at 7:43 AM EST.  This is a day of shifting energies as we adjust adjusting to new set of quirky explorations and exciting new ideas with the Sun in Aquarius! The only aspect to the Libra Moon is a pleasant Trine to the Sun Tuesday morning at 10:41AM EST. There is a free flow between the core energies of the Aquarius Sun and the Libra Moon, presenting us with a great day for collaboration and understanding within partnerships. This is a great day to work with others on innovative and exciting projects that you anticipate will  bring your future into focus. Nurture and develop those relationships. Begin to look toward the future without disregarding the issues of past relationships that have been on your mind over the past weeks with Venus retrograde. Is there something from the past that you expect to gain healing from the current focus on relationship?   

Wednesday, January 22, 2014:

The Moon remains in Libra throughout Wednesday. Today is, however, comparatively far more complicated that yesterday. While we slept Tuesday night the Moon opposes Uranus and squares Pluto bringing the intensification of their connection into our consciousness and into our day. The early afternoon may well find you feeling the dissatisfaction of the retrograde Venus as the Moon Squares her. You can anticipate feeling a bit uncomfortable in your own skin, your clothes don’t fit right, your hair isn’t right, you just don’t feel beautiful or satisfied with yourself. The best way to deal with this today is to look beyond yourself and deliver heartfelt compliments to others. Unexpected compliments to the person checking you out at the grocery store or the person who makes your afternoon coffee can turn shift this issue entirely. Understanding that the folks around you are also feeling dissatisfied with themselves should help you to take your eyes off yourself and consider how to settle that anxiety in others. This will do an amazing amount to settle your own anxiety. Try it. You will be surprised at how much it helps.
The evening suggests a flow of interesting conversation that could well lead to a romantic connection by nightfall. Reach for pleasure!

Thursday, January 23, 2014:

The Moon remains in Libra VOC throughout most of the day, following her final aspect to Mars at last night at 10:51PM EST. Consider how best to take care of yourself today. There may be difficulties in relating to others as we are all left with a bit of agitation or frustration that carries throughout the day. It may simply be difficult to settle into any sort of flow within accomplishment or focus. I think that gentle exercise would have its benefits today. A simple walk in the woods or on the city streets may be helpful to pass the time without expectations while reducing anxiety.  
At 4:44 PM EST the Moon enters Scorpio, ushering in an intensely emotional evening. You will want to spend the evening either alone or with another person who you have a deep emotional connection. This is not a time for casual connections or concerns. If you are going to be with someone make it count as you move together into levels of depth and intensity.  

Friday, January 24, 2014:

Shortly after midnight on Thursday the Moon (Scorpio) reached its third-quarter phase. Whatever you began at the New Moon, was clearly illuminated last week, today asks for a shift of perspective. What adjustments must be made? The Moon remains in the deeply brooding sign of Scorpio all day making pleasant aspects to Pluto, Jupiter, and Venus.
Mercury, in Aquarius Trine Mars this morning encouraging our most unusual thoughts to push forward with unusual agendas within the scope of our relationships. Make connections that support your shifting perspective. Expect to hear unusual ideas. Anticipate surprises and communications that seem to come out of the blue. Be open to speaking up and saying what others may not expect to hear!

Saturday, January 25, 2014:

Right on the heels of the opening to unusual thinking with Mercury Trine Mars yesterday, today Mercury in Aquarius is squaring Saturn in Scorpio. What a difference a day makes! Now our thoughts are being restricted in some manner. Perhaps too much was said, too quickly on Friday and today you have to reel it in and hold your tongue. Did your thoughts or your communications gotten you in a bit of hot water? Today there is a bit of restriction and we must hold ourselves a bit tighter. The Moon (Scorpio) also connects with Saturn today reflecting the sense of difficulty as we move through restrictive and uncomfortable mental gymnastics. The Moon is VOC from 9 AM EST until 10:15 PM EST when the Moon enters Sagittarius. So once again, this is a Saturday that you don’t want to shop for any big-ticket items. This is a day to take time to yourself, rejuvenate, read, go to the movies, enjoy the day without expectation.

Sunday, January 26, 2014:

The Moon is in Sagittarius on Sunday with nothing getting in the way of this being the loveliest day of the week! Get out in the world and find ways to expand your thinking, your ideas, your horizons. Meet with folks who think in ways that will stretch your mind. Consider the need of Sagittarius to travel, explore, and expand the mind and heart! Whatever you choose to do today make it expansive. Make sure you encounter people whose lives, views, and opinions are different than your own. Listen to the stories that others have to tell, open your mind to learn from the experiences of the people you encounter.