As the MOON ENTERED ARIES yesterday (Sunday) at 3:02PM, we had that familiar feeling of impending ACTION.
After the entire weekend of feeling lost in a Neptunian haze, we were ready for assertive, forceful, dynamic action! Yes, the slow sensitive dreamy weekend was great, but we sure felt ready for some strength of energy. We were impatient and anxious for the energy of force and gusto!

Well, did we get anything constructive done with that energy yesterday afternoon? I certainly hope so! By the time we are up and into our day today (Monday November 7th) the energy has reverted back into a dreamy passive place once again. That strong energy we were ready to welcome suddenly is diffused again. We likely feel listless with little tolerance for our own lack of energy or for those around us who also have no energy to spare.
MARS OPPOSES NEPTUNE. Again our imagination and sensitivity take center stage, our physical strength seems elusive and diffuse. Frustration will call the shots if we try to move forward without acknowledging the need to simply stay with the dreamy side of things.
Please don’t cave in to the temptation to open that bottle of wine before the afternoon has even past. Don’t become passive and discouraged, vague and confused. It would be best to give in to another day of artistic endeavor or mystical exploration. Don’t worry, it won’t last too much longer. Shifting energies are around the next corner.