Stop, Look, Listen!

This morning, two significant transits: 



Tomorrow (Thursday) morning: 


The ongoing stress, intensity, anxiety, and power play between URANUS & PLUTO is highly accentuated!

Waking up this morning may involve encountering a good dose of frustration, courtesy of Saturn. Perhaps we feel a powerful need to move toward a certain outcome, yet for some reason (another person or situation beyond our control) we feel unable to push our agenda forward. Something stands in the way. We are compelled in a certain direction and yet we are blocked.
Should we try to push through the barriers? Perhaps it would be best to stand back and question ourselves as to what we can learn from/in this situation. This may feel very tough, it is a struggle. A great lesson (not easily learned) in patience, and in respect for the boundaries of others. Breath deeply. Slow down, look at what must be learned here.
And what about that issue of relationship? Arrrggh. Some days don’t feel worth getting out of bed for. Today may be one of those days, but we may as well face reality and get up just the same.  Facing reality is a big part of what we need to be doing right now.  In looking clearly into the eye of reality we may learn something that could be learned in no other way! What we are given the opportunity to learn here may change the course of our goals, expectations and our very lives!  Today it is important to open our eyes to our true situation. Once we see what we need to see, there is no need for fast action. Caution and restraint are called for.
Venus is playing in very heavy, intense, transformative, and unconventional waters. How do we get all that we want, feel we need. and believe we are entitled to in our relationships with others?
It seems that our needs and desires may be pulling us in very different directions. How can we have full independence and intense connection and closeness at the same time? How can we know another human fully without revealing ourselves? How can we maintain our emotional detachment and our emotional obsession?
Our relationships may encounter big surprises and sudden shifts in energy. In the area of our lives that revolves around love and partnership it is important that we be willing to really see the deepest and most honest truth of our situation. Face reality. Look the true situation squarely in the eye. We may need to let go in situations we don’t think we are ready for. Take that step or learn patience. We will know what needs to be done if we simply stop the tug of war, hold steady, and observe the true nature of our situation.
Tuesday afternoon the MOON ENTERS LEO, bringing a full dose of Drama and Expressiveness to the day! Be generous with others! Bring an open heart and compassion to everyone we encounter this week!

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