Monday, November 26, 2012:
We are in the middle of such intensity that there are times when we may find it difficult to understand where we are, remember where we have come from, and anticipate where we are headed!
This much I can tell you: We are heading into an exciting, interesting, stressful, and very intense week!
For the moment let’s take it one day at a time.
First let us consider: SAGITTARIUS SUN TRINE URANUS IN ARIES – exact at 9:15am!

Keep our eyes open for an unusual or unexpected opportunity to present itself. This could be something that could potentially change our situation, our circumstances, or the way we respond to others and the way that we live in our world.
This could bring true radical change.

We require freedom, honesty, and independence. We must be true to ourselves regardless of the opinions of others.
We must keep this in mind as we interact with the people we love. If others are moving in a direction that we do not like or approve of, it is not our place to disapprove!
It is our job to allow others to be themselves. We must accept that those we love are living the life that is right for them, and that they have the right to make their decisions.
It is not our job to judge others or control how anyone else lives their life!

Next, we have the great news that MERCURY TURNS DIRECT at 5:47PM EST.
If you have been anticipating this forward motion to begin a project, purchase a car or electronic equipment, try to wait a few more days. We will feel the shift today but really it takes a few days for MERCURY to get up to speed.
Consider what you have accomplished over this three week period of time. Have you made good use of the opportunity to get caught up and complete projects that have been left undone?
Are we moving forward with a relatively clean slate?
The final major marker of the day is VENUS CONJUNCT SATURN –  exact at 8:18PM EST!
VENUS CONJUNCT SATURN speaks of the value we place on love and partnership, it also speaks of our relationship with other things that we value, such as money and possessions.
Today we wish to form structures that create stability in love and to secure our bank accounts.
The demand for freedom (Sun – Uranus) along with the seriousness of relationship (Venus – Saturn) creates a very interesting combination.

Perhaps we can finally understand that in order to truly have the deep and committed relationship(s) we desire, we first must be fully independent, to fully develop the uniqueness of our individual self.
We must be fully honest and vulnerable to our own self . We must know and be who we really are, without the influence of those we love or the greater culture to which we belong.
Perhaps today we see that the full individuality flourishing within us enables us to form a deep, healthy, and lasting bond to another healthy fully individuated human person.

This is a very powerful day with these themes; Tomorrow brings in issues of power dynamics in relationships as well. Hold on tight, flow with the changing tides!

Please share with me here… How are these two energies working together in your life?