Today the big news is NEPTUNE ENTERING PISCES where she will reside for the next 14 years. Neptune spent some time in Pisces last year between April and August before retrograding back into Aquarius where she has been tying up loose ends until today.
Each sign has a ruling planet, for PISCES, that planet is NEPTUNE which simply means that the two have much in common. NEPTUNE feels this movement into PISCES as a homecoming.
Neptune moves very slowly. The last time Neptune entered Pisces was in 1848, very shortly after its discovery. It takes 165 years for Neptune to circle the entire zodiac! It is an uncommon occurrence for this outer planet to change signs! None of us, alive today, have had the opportunity to experience this placement, it is completely outside of our experience.
What can we expect?
The outer planets work on a generational and a cultural level more than on a personal level (although depending on your personal chart, this can certainly affect you on a very personal level, indeed!).
It is difficult to clearly understand what this type of movement will mean in our lives, in our cultures and in our world. The outer planets bring sweeping changes to our collective consciousness. With Neptune these changes will be deep although perhaps subtle. Neptune is often referred to as the higher octave of Venus. Neptune brings us an expanded level of sensitivity, imagination, a lack of boundaries, sometimes bewilderment, idealism, deep suffering and compassion. Neptune presents us with the need/desire to find an alternative reality. Think of all the things that take us away from the hard realities of our human life.  At this time these are the issues with take on more importance in our lives!
Poetry. Prayer. Drugs. Alcohol. Dreams. Love. Mysticism. Religion. Music. Ecstatic Dance. Film. Escape. Devotion. Imagination. Deep Suffering which, ideally, will result in Deep Compassion.
For good or for ill, all the places where we lose our sense of boundaries are a part of the Neptune vibration. Neptune can bring us to a level of suffering and a level of ecstasy that can drop us to our knees. It is through this suffering and ecstasy that we finally come (often times kicking and screaming) to a place of self-transcendence and spiritual awakening.
I believe that at this time we, as a collective, are fed up with the traditional experience that we have been fed of religion and religious belief.  We have seen the dark side of organized religion.  I expect that there will be an increase in belief, but a different kind of belief, a spirituality that may come from a place we are not yet aware of. Watch for new directions of spirit and mysticism, new directions of music and film as well. We, as a human species, will find new ways to escape our mundane lives. I wonder about new medications or drugs coming on the scene and new directions for the conversation of death in our culture. How will our attitudes toward the end of life change over the next 14 yeas?
I am so curious to watch these things!
I expect that we will collectively move into levels of deep suffering and ultimately to a place where we will see the wisdom and necessity of compassion and empathy for our fellow humans on this path of life.  I suspect that we will search to find a connection within ourselves and to each other that will bring meaning to our lives. I am hopeful that we will learn to care for each other in many ways that have been so long neglected.
We may learn to understand the suffering that is inherent in all humans’ life – the suffering of birth, old age, sickness and death. Perhaps as we understand that human suffering is universal we may finally learn the depth of compassion that will enable us to truly serve and help each other.

Knowing where Neptune is moving in your personal chart at this time can help you to work with the energies of the universe in your life!
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