Nothing stays the same for long. Time moves us ever forward. The shifting sands of time. Planets move and our world, our cultures, our energies, our thoughts, our hopes and dreams follow.
Yesterday Mercury walked away from the curious and quick jittery thoughts of Gemini into the nurturing, family centered thought patterns of Cancer. Our minds turn to compassion and care for ourselves and others.
On June 12 Saturn turned direct after being in retrograde motion since January 26, 2011. With Saturn moving through Libra (October 2009 – April 2010, July 2010 – October 2012) we are required to focus a great deal of our learning on issues of Relating to others. During the retrograde period (1/26/2011 – 6/12/2011) we have had time to turn our attention inward, to deeply consider our needs and desires in Relationships. Now, our time of introspection on the Relationship front is over. We are ready now to move ahead from a place of clarity. We are able now to see the reality of where we are in relationship. During this time of introspection our Relationships have changed.
Ask yourself: What is the true state, the reality, of my Relationships NOW? Get a clear answer to that question. It is important as we move ahead.
Saturn moving through Libra affects all types of Relationships, from our most intimate relationships with spouses or lovers to friends, family members, co-workers, business partners, our most ardent supporters and even those we may deem our enemies! This retrograde period has had the potential to shift a great deal in these relationships. Now as Saturn begins to gain momentum, moving forward, we are able to gain clarity in areas that have we have been in  confusion.
Saturn is slowly moving into its square configuration with both Uranus and Pluto. This powerful alignment had its first occurrence in the Summer of 2010. It has certainly been a time of major change in our personal lives and our culture.
On a personal level it is important to be clear of the state of REALITY in your Relationships. Ask yourself: What is true in my Relationships NoW? Do your relationships have the Stability and Strength to weather the issues ahead? What will hold up and what is likely to move toward dissolution? Open your eyes to what is REAL. Be honest with yourself! What is important? What must be done to stabilize and contain the Relationships that sustain you? There are BIG shifts coming. It is important to know, not only what relationships will support you, but what people/relationships you are willing to offer your support to!
Wednesday we had a full lunar eclipse, part of a series of eclipses that bring many of the changes and clear the deck for more impending shifts!  The Eclipses have provided an opportunity to leave much baggage behind, further enabling clarity.
TRUST CHANGE! It comes to us with or without the TRUST. Relax into it and it will have a much better chance of bringing us to rest in a better place. If we fight against change it will surely leave us battered and beaten. Ride it like a wave or like a roller coaster! Moreover, learn to ENJOY the ride!!