FULL MOON   5:27am EST.
Monday morning’s FULL MOON is in mystical, ethereal PISCES. With the SUN in hardworking, practical VIRGO this FULL MOON gives us the opportunity to take a moment to relax and allow ourselves to dream.
This FULL MOON is squaring the Nodes, currently in Gemini and Sagittarius. Look for an opportunity to develop an integration between our emotions and our belief system. This is not an easy thing to do! Our beliefs often dictate a very different way of being than our emotions are willing to go along with! Finding a way to truly understand the discrepancy and align our feelings with our emotions is a huge piece of many people’s life work. Meditation helps.
This week’s FULL MOON is called the harvest moon because it’s the closest full moon to the autumnal equinox, or the first astronomical day of autumn, which takes place on September 23rd.
After the dream time that the PISCES FULL MOON afforded us we are now ready to push forward in an assertive energetic manner. ARIES MOON gives us a chance to be more selfish, emotionally.  Sometimes it is a good idea to look out for NUMBER ONE, to show independence of thought and determination in getting what we know we need for ourselves. Respect that need and remember to be kind to others in the process.
This aspect encourages us to dig into the deepest levels of our intellectual ideas, ideals and concepts. We are able to communicate philosophical wisdom more clearly than usual. Take time today to write or speak about issues that are  important with others. Humor and Idealism can also be well expressed today. If you are able to make $$ with your communications or your ideas, this is a great time for you. Ideas are generous, well expressed and may well result in confidence and good fortune.
Ahhh. VENUS is thrilled to enter its own sign of LIBRA. She is delighted to leave behind the analytical compulsiveness toward our relationships that held sway while VENUS was in VIRGO.  As the lovely planet of attraction, harmony, diplomacy and relationship enters the realm of refinement, romance and charm there is a sign of relief. We feel the softness of grace settle over social situations. We are more able to cooperate and find beauty and sympathy in our relationships with those around us. Take time to enjoy social graces!