Thursday, November 15, 2012:
Today we have a very simple day without many aspects to contend with.
MOON IS IN SAGITTARIUS all day bringing our emotions and our thoughts to travel, adventure, justice, big dreams, or enlightenment!
Here in the US of A we are approaching the winter holiday season which begins next Thursday with Thanksgiving. Our thoughts are likely reaching for whatever travel or adventures we have planned. Expectations are high!

If we thought of staying home for a quiet holiday we will probably be rethinking or regretting that decision today! It is good to keep in mind that Mercury is still retrograde if we are considering any impulsive plans!

SAGITTARIUS energy will not accept restrictions on personal freedom. Independence and personal freedom may be a powerful theme today. Remember to be respectful of the individuality and freedom of others. This is not the day to try to hold-on to anyone tightly. If we attempt to control someone we will likely encounter an exaggerated, aggressive grab for freedom.

Considering the energy of SAGITTARIUS always bring to mind a person standing at a crossroads. They must make a decision of which path to follow. Will h/she head toward a wild party with friends or toward philosophical wisdom? What will we chose today? We can reach for enlightenment or we can go for the pleasure of the moment!
A great Sagittarius dilemma!

We will want to spend the evening with a someone we love. Love is available for the engagement. Opportunity for love beacons. MOON SETILE VENUS

Energy will shift into a more serious space tomorrow, so for today, enjoy simple pleasures with those you love.