Tuesday, January 17, 2012: The MOON IS IN SCORPIO all day bringing our attention to the deepest hidden areas of our psyche.
It is important today to pay attention to our feelings.
If we notice depression, we must get out of our own self concern. Find a way to connect with others, to offer a service that will make a difference in someone else’s challenging day.
If we find that we are suffering with anxiety we are well advised to take time alone, go deep within ourselves, notice what we may be avoiding. We must find the courage to look squarely in the eye of whatever fear or sadness we would rather not face.
It will serve us well to avoid whatever story we have attached to that fear or sadness.  Just feel the feeling.  Allow that feeling in deeply, feel it to the core. Then let it go… that fear, that sadness is a very human emotion. As we allow the feeling (without the story line) to open our awareness, we realize that this is not ours alone.  Humans have such depth of struggle. We are not alone. Scorpio show us this depth. She can take us too deep or try to avoid the depth altogether. The trick is finding the balance and not allow the story line to distract us!

Scorpio is a good barometer for us, it tells us quiet clearly if we are looking to deeply into ourselves or not deeply enough. Too deeply we become depressed. Not deeply enough, we become overwhelmed with anxiety.
Today the SCORPIO MOON ALSO SEXTILES MERCURY AND PLUTO offering us the opportunity to bring these deep hidden issues into our communications. An excellent day to visit your therapist or your dearest friend. Let yourself open up to someone trustworthy.  Our secrets are often better spoken of, but do use discernment in finding who to share your innermost self with today.