February 19, 2013
Yesterday marked a clear shift of direction; from forward motion to looking back, and working with, what is already in progress.

For some time now all the planets have been in direct motion from our perspective here on Planet Earth, reflecting a certain smoothness in the way in which energy moves.

We have felt it coming over the past week, but yesterday brought a solid shift as SATURN TURNED RETROGRADE at 11 degrees SCORPIO. 
Saturn will remain retrograde until July 8th when he will resume direct motion at 4 degrees SCORPIO.
At this time it is necessary for us to return our attention to areas that we have already developed. We must look at where our ambition has taken us, we must firm up those areas, add structure, and make sure our integrity is solid. 
Saturn is considered to be the planet of Karma.  As he moves backward in the heavens we have the opportunity to work on areas where we have made errors in judgement. This is a time to come clean.
We don’t need to put new systems in place. We will do best to work on stabilizing any systems we have previously developed.
Integrity and hard work are on the table. This is not a time for us to take shortcuts or to try to get away with something that is less that honest, kind, and coming from a clear conscious and an open heart.
What house in your chart holds 4 to 11 degrees of Scorpio?  Does your horoscope have planets between 2 and 13 degrees of any Fixed Sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius)?  If so you are being deeply affected by this passage of retrograde Saturn.

MOON IS IN GEMINI, THE SUN has joined the gathering in PISCES (Mercury, Mars, & Neptune).

This is a dreamy time. Enjoy the dream and don’t fall into delusion, assuming that reality won’t extract it’s price.
Integrity is important, hard work on what has begun will produce great strides forward.
On Friday MERCURY ALSO TURNS RETROGRADE, adding her/his own requirements of turning back to redo and reorganize our situations and our efforts.