An amazing week already and it is only Wednesday!
On Sunday MERCURY CONJUNCT URANUS, encouraging our mind to take some unexpected detour into the outer reaches of imagination.
In the space of time between Sunday and today (Wednesday, April 25, 2012) our thoughts have moved in a very different, but equally intense, direction.
We have quickly absorbed the notions of revolution, and the genius quality of moving into mind spaces that we never imagined and never were taught possible.
Bringing us to today’s MERCURY SQUARE PLUTO. MERCURY is the messenger. H/she brings the message of the upcoming square between the giant planets of transformation, URANUS AND PLUTO!
URANUS brings revolution, ‘fingers in the electric socket energy’.

PLUTO brings transformation; destruction followed by rebirth, the phoenix rising from the ash.
The Square between these plants is coming close. This period of time, colored by these forces, will not pass away quickly. We will work with these energies in our culture and in our selves for the next three years. There is much that needs changing in our world.
Where in your life, is your personal revolution at this time? Where is there destruction?
Keep envisioning the transformation that follows on the heals of the destruction.

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