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New Relationship Energy (NRE) Package:


You have just begun a new, exciting relationship

There is much excitement when love begins to bloom!

It is important to enjoy every moment! It is also important to keep in mind that the excitement, the feeling of being ‘in love’ can overshadow the reality of the two people involved.


One of the greatest gifts of astrology is its ability to help people understand each other and to see the possibilities of what can develop between them.

  • Can you expect the intense attraction between you to last over time; how can you support long-term love?
  • Where are the stress points in the relationship and how can they best be managed?
  • Do you expect this relationship to be an ongoing lifelong partnership, a summer fling, or something in between?
  • What do you want to create with this relationship?
  • Are you curious about the powerful connection between you? What perspective can astrology provide?

The first flash of relationship is a crucial time! It is important to step back and look clearly at yourself and your new partner.

With the proper motivation any relationship can become whatever it is you want to create! Astrology can help the process immeasurably!
In this package you will gain profound insights into your motivations and needs and the motivations and needs of your new partner.

In this package you can expect to come to a deep understanding of your Relationship Potential and how best to support your desires.

Astrolore is here to help you develop the Relationship of your dreams!
Assessment, written recommendations, and two 50 minute Consultations by telephone or Skype (with both parties participating) ……… $429.


You will each be asked to fill out a relationship assessment before our first meeting.

If only one person is participating in the process, I require written permission from the other party in order to work with their chart.

An accurate birth-time is required for each chart, acquired from birth certificates or a baby book.



Information for all consultations:

To prepare for our consultation please take some quiet time alone to review the time-line of your current relationship and the overall development of the relationship.

Be prepared to talk openly about your life and current situation.  Our time together is treated with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.

I encourage you to record our conversation (most easily done with your smart phone) for ongoing reference.

I fully celebrate the vast array of relationship styles people chose. I am without judgement on your lifestyle, relationship style, and life choices!



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