In working with Laurie, you will learn to better understand your partner, yourself and the inner dynamics of your partnership.  




One of the great gifts of astrology is its ability to provide powerful insights which can help people step out of their limited personal perspectives and, often for the first time, see each other clearly.





Finding Satisfaction and Joy in Partnership 


In the perfect world, each of you would have a basic consultation with me before we work with the two charts together, at which time the three of us would meet for this consultation.

This is my recommendation, however, I understand that this is not always desired or feasible. 

Together we will look at each individual’s needs and challenges in relationship and come to understand how they fit together.  We will further discuss the strengths you bring to the relationship and the difficulties you face together. 


In working with couples I seek to help you understand how each of you approaches intimacy, what your struggles/rewards are in a relationship, and what you are each drawn to and attract.


This is a 2 part consultation. We will meet on Zoom (online video chat).  

Time: two meetings of 60 minutes each 

Please be prepared with the birth information for each person (date, place, and exact time of birth).

If I am only meeting with one of you, you must have permission from the other person in order for me to do the work. 

Fee:  $360.  

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In preparing the relationship consultation we will work with each person’s natal chart, the Comparison Charts (synastry) and the Composite Chart.

 Information for all consultations:


To prepare for our consultation please take time to review the timeline of your life and the life of the relationship.

We will be exploring a bit of the past in order to get a clearer view of the present and into the future. 

Be prepared to talk openly about your life and current situation.  Our time together is treated with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.


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Are you at a crossroad in your life? Are your circumstances other than what you expected?

We can meet for an individual consultations (Burlington, Vermont), by telephone, or on SKYPE!

Life Transitions Require New Perspectives!

It is my goal to empower you in the exploration of the past, present and future of your life.

Let's talk. There is so much to learn and understand.

~ Laurie