It is amazing the difference a short amount of time can make!
Think about how sensitive, passive, and surreal the world felt at the New Moon on March 11th!

For now we have Uranus, Mars, Sun, and Venus all in the early degrees of Aries!
We have left most of the watery ripples of Pisces behind and have entered the blazing fires of Aries. Mercury is lagging behind but will also enter Aries on April 13th.

Aries does not come into being with all his brash assertiveness fully developed.
First ARIES must face great stress, anxiety, and deep fear. In order to develop courage Aries must learn to move toward fear.

The development of courage, and action in the face of fear, are essential lesson of ARIES.

The transformations that we have felt building for many months is now demanding that move toward fear as we take action.
Where is The Aries Point in your chart? This is the area in your life that is requiring action and the facing of fear. Through the courage developed here much will be transformed in your life.

This afternoon MARS CONJUNCT URANUS  and early next week MARS WILL SQUARE PLUTO!
It would be difficult to exaggerate the importance and the intensity of these times we are living in. The interactions between the planets are powerful, dynamic, and deeply transformational.
Keep in mind that the planets do not cause the issues that we on this earth are encountering. The struggles in our personal lives, in the culture we live in, in the greater world around us, are not caused by the planets. The planets reflect our personal lives and the conditions of the world and our cultures.
Just as the mirror does not cause us to develop wrinkles around our eyes or our hair to gray, the planets do not cause anything. They simply reflect, and we reflect back.

The current reflections are exciting, defiant, unconventional, obsessive, dark, and powerful. We are being transformed and so is our world.
We are coming to see so much that has not been clear to us in the past. We are discovering that we are simply not the person we thought we were.
Let us all take a moment today to look at ourselves in the mirror in absolute wonder. We can almost see the change and growth from day to day. 
It is important that in every step along the way we work to face the fears that inevitable come up with this type of deep transformation.
It is not enough to simply face our fears, we must develop the courage to move toward them and embrace the changes that are coming!
This morning while we slept the MOON ENTERED FUN LOVING LEO, setting us up for a powerful, passionate, and playful weekend.
Don’t waste this one! Go for passion. Go for what our hearts crave.
Again, Take Action!