As I am heading on Vacation I had some great new ideas about Mercury Retrograde and Mars having moved into Cancer and all the other things happening in the movement of the planets! However, I just don’t have the time!

So…. here is a piece that I wrote about Mercury Retrograde in March!
Mercury turned retrograde (1 degree of Virgo) on Tuesday, August 2nd at 11:50 pm EDT – it will resume direct motion (18 degrees of Leo) on August 26th at 6:02 pm EDT.
How many times can we talk about Mercury retrograde?  Well, considering that this small planet turns retrograde approximately 3 times per year, I guess that is how often we will continue to discuss the issue!
It seems that the idea of Mercury retrograde has taken root in the culture in a way that is not helpful to our lives or to the way the general population views astrology!  Folks who know very little about astrology tend to expound the horrors of Mercury retrograde! No matter what may go wrong during this cycle we can lay the blame at Mercury’s feet!  Before we get into how this small planet’s motion affects our lives, let us, once again, ask the question: What does it mean when a planet is said to be retrograde?
I want to keep it simple; no complications here.
If you are interested, you will find a more extensive and excellent explanation of retrograde motion here!
Please remember that all our planets turn retrograde at different times. Mercury is particularly notable due to its frequency and it’s very noticeable affects on our everyday lives.
When Mercury turns retrograde, it seems (from our perspective on earth) that it is moving backwards in the sky. Obviously this is an optical illusion. It is all about perspective. This illusion is created by the orbital rotation of the earth, in relation to the other planets in our solar system. This optical illusion is created because we are observing it from a perspective inside the whole of a constantly moving solar system. Have you ever been on a moving subway or car when you realized that another moving car seemed to be moving backwards although it was in fact moving forward? All a matter of perspective!
Indeed, a simple matter of perspective, and yet, from an astrological point of view this is very significant. The energy that we have come to expect from the planet in question functions very differently during these times of retrograde motion. The energy no longer utilizes an easy direct outward expression. There may be objectives involved that are not clear or easy to understand.
Once we become aware of Mercury’s retrograde cycle and have observed it through time it is easy to see how it can be blamed for so many things. If we are moving ahead with our lives, unaware, we may find that things stop ‘working’ in the ways that we expect them to. People seem to misunderstand our communications and therefore our intentions. Everything we try to do takes longer because there is no smooth motion to our lives!  It is easy to wind up thinking that Mercury is to blame for these stressful and difficult times!
So, now that we have had the opportunity to observe these cycles, it is time to learn how to use them to our advantage!  It has been only recently that I have really come to appreciate and, even (yes!) embrace these times!
The key is:  SLOW DOWN!
Also,  keep the prefix ‘re’ closely at hand! “The prefix ‘re’ is a synonym for again, indicating a return to a previous condition, or repetition of a previous action.”
The last time Mercury was retrograde was late November to the end of December 2010. Take a moment to think about and consider what has transpired in your life since the beginning of this year. What have you left undone since that time? Where in your life do you need to ‘return to a previous condition or action’? What do you need to go back and look at or complete?
This period of time will not move smoothly if you continue trying to move forward into new territory. It will behove you to take time now to examine where you have been and what parts of your life you need to re-visit.
Look at that prefix closely! how many words are can you think of that begin with the prefix re? How many of them are applicable at this time?
re-read, re-group, re-write, re-do, re-imagine, re-tell, re-think, re-word, re-name, re-pay, re-make, re-appear, re-arrange, re-apply, re-appoint, re-animate, re-ally, re-fresh, re-marry, re-load, re-enter, re-make, re-hire, ….
During this time, do not start anew, go back and look at what is already on your plate! How can you re-vitalize what you already have? Re-juvenate what you already have! Take time, make what you have, your life, the best that it can be!  With a bit of attention you have all that you need right in front of you right now!
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