Cross-stitch by Zena

We wake with a sense that something is changing, an expansion of understanding and the ability to express that understanding. (Mercury Trining Jupiter) This is a great time to travel or open yourself to new ideas and ways of thinking. Go out of your way, travel a different route, if necessary, to connect with folks from a different culture or a different generation, people who view the world in a manner very different from your own.

Early this morning, while we slept, the Moon entered Scorpio – 2:15am EDT.

The Scorpio New Moon (just after midnight tonight) suggests that it is time to move ahead with a lighter load. There is no going back. Attempting to re-shoulder that load would not support the development of anyone involved. We are once again at the end of a cycle. We are now able to see clearly the necessity of putting down that old burden. Haven’t you carried it long enough?
This is easier said than done – it is easy to idealize radical change, but change is never without difficulties. True transformation takes a very deep level of courage, self reflection and honesty. The New Moon gives us the energy to go deeply to manifest what we need. We are not stuck where we are; it is time now to envision the steps toward our future.
During this Scorpio New Moon think about the deepest areas of transformation, our sexuality, our confrontations with mortality and our role in the transformation of the culture we currently reside in.

Cross-stitch by Zena!