Take a good strong look at what we can accomplish today! PLUTO, JUPITER AND MARS are currently forming A GRAND TRINE IN EARTH. This can manifest as a free flow of energy in the most practical areas of our lives. Doors may open more easily today; doors that support the smooth functioning of the nitty-gritty realities of our lives.
MARS TRINE JUPITER accentuates the focus on VENUS, MERCURY AND THE NORTH NODE IN SAGITTARIUS. We feel, even more strongly, the pull toward the future. This is very idealistic expansive energy. There is the sense that if we are able to direct our courage, the power of our will and our strength toward our vision we will truly have the opportunity to renew our faith in life and move into our future.
MOON ENTERS LEO AND TRINE URANUS: After the past few days of wanting to be nurtured and secure we now open to more dramatic and expressive energies. We are ready to tap into vitality and an extroverted drive for significance. With the involvement of Uranus expect eccentric non-conformity to rule the day!
To me, this day looks like a gem!

We will be wise to make the most of it.  Think about what we are trying to accomplish.  Push ourselves forward to see which doors are ready to be opened. Watch how the future opens and the past is very simply left behind. Something innovative, inventive or amazing could emerge from the doors we open today. It is a great day to push ourselves to be adventurous. If we don’t make the attempt we will lose the opportunity.