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With this gift card, your loved one can choose between two very personal and popular Video Recorded Readings.

#1. All About You; Personal Patterns of Your Birth Chart

This is a focused (30+ minute) personal recorded natal chart reading. In this focused personal video-recorded natal chart reading, I will discuss what makes you unique and a special gift to the world. I will examine your soul’s growth through lifetimes or focus on particular concerns you want to be addressed.

#2. Where You Stand Now; Personal Times and Trends

This is a focused (30+ minute) personal recorded reading covering current timing & trends. In this reading, I will discuss the patterns impacting you over the coming 6-8 months. I will share with you dates and times in the past and future that are linked to your current circumstances and provide practical suggestions to support your path forward. This offering is for folks who have a working knowledge of their natal chart or have had consultations with me.