Monday, November 12, 2012:
Before we have even wiped the sleep from our eyes the MOON ENTERS SCORPIO, shifting our emotional state into a place of deeper intensity. We are in the DARK BALSAMIC PHASE OF THE MOON where we rest and wait for the NEW MOON AND THE TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE tomorrow evening.
No sooner does the MOON ENTER SCORPIO than she makes a lovely TRINE to (now direct) NEPTUNE. We carry with us some of the soft imagination, sensitivity, and vulnerability of yesterday.
Mid-afternoon THE MOON ENCOUNTERS A SQUARE ASPECT WITH SATURN. We may notice ourselves feeling unappreciated, isolated, or lonely.
Don’t try to push that feeling away or deny it. Look it square in the eye and allow it space to show you what you need to ask for from those around you. Or just rest in the feeling of melancholy until it passes. It won’t stay around long if you don’t feed it with your attention or your attempts to control your situation.

Tomorrow’s TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE/SCORPIO NEW MOON (a Total Solar Eclipse always falls on a New Moon) takes place at 21’56” SCORPIO. Take note of where this falls in your chart as it is likely to be a place of vulnerability throughout the coming year. It may be an area that needs our attention to keep from becoming an area of extreme difficulty. Take time today to look at this area, consider how best to manage the affairs of this area.

Consider the intensity of Scorpio and the house in your chart this Eclipse/New Moon falls in. Use this information to to plan what you need to begin on this new Lunar Cycle.
Have a plan ready to implement on Tuesday!