Thursday, November 8, 2012:
Today we wake to a very active MOON IN VIRGO! Yesterday we may have had a rough time focusing our energy.
It likely took most of the day to simply settle down from, and settle into, the post election realities!
Did you read yesterday’s post about MERCURY RETROGRADE?
Today is the day to make that list we talked about! Yes, the list of everything that you have begun but NOT completed in the past few months
VIRGO MOON loves any excuse to make a list, so focus on getting that done today.
While the MOON IS IN VIRGO we have an uncanny ability to see our potential and the potential of those around us. This can lead to a great deal of criticism (it is so difficult, for ourselves or others, to live up to our expectations) or it can lead to deep humility and appreciation for the integrity of our process or the process we see in others.
Don’t expect perfection from yourself or others today. But do work toward betterment. Look clearly at what core quality within yourself would enable you to better assist in the improvement or service of the world around you.

Our horoscope is a symbol of what we were born for. It represents the meaning of our lives.
The chart shows us the very best way for us to approach our life experiences. It shows us how we are able to fulfill the destiny of our life.