If we experience the cycle of any two planets with the same perspective we have of the MOON CYCLES, our understanding of Astrology will be vastly and deeply enriched.
All pairs of planets are in a Relationship that continues and changes over time. The entire cycle must be examined.

The pair of planets that astrologers currently have under the microscope are URANUS AND PLUTO. These two are now in the FIRST QUARTER PHASE of their Relationship.
The NEW PHASE (corresponding to the NEW MOON in Moon Cycle terms) occurred between URANUS AND PLUTO in 1965/66.
That was the 60’s! And what an amazing time to be alive! The conjunction between URANUS & PLUTO was the NEW PHASE between them, corresponding to the NEW MOON. The NEW PHASE represents a new beginning, new birth, a spark that begins life. If you were alive at that time you remember the energy that hung over us! What exciting times! And now we feel those energies again! For good and for ill!

What were these two planets giving birth to at that time?  Let us look at the energies of the planets and use our imagination to bring these two energies together; the excitement and the darkness!
URANUS is the energy of defiance, revolution, brilliance, independence, originality, forward thinking, and intensification.  PLUTO is the energy of power, subversion, obsession, coercion, darkness, hidden forces, annihilation, purification, transmutation, transformation, and death.
Bring these two energies together; what is given birth to, what is born to this union?

We must understood that when these planets came together in 1965/66  something was begun. Something was begun (or many things were begun) that is now demanding attention, action, and perhaps, just possibly; accountability.
So, now it is 2012. Amazing that these years have past!
June 24th, PLUTO & URANUS came into the FIRST SQUARE PHASE in their (very) complicated relationship!

THE FIRST QUARTER PHASE in the cycle of any planetary pair entails a crisis and a demand for action.
The signs that these planets are in add more information.
URANUS is expressing his energy of intensification and revolution through ARIES, sign of courage, bravery, force, anger, assertiveness, and determination.
PLUTO is expressing her energy of destruction, transformation, and empowerment through CAPRICORN, sign of ambition, fear, convention, maturity, discipline, and responsibility.
Give these images and words some thought. Let the ideas form in your mind. I would love to hear from you. What do you imagine?
These coming years will prove interesting indeed. The FULL PHASE  of URANUS AND PLUTO will not come until 2046!
Some of us will live to see what the FULL PHASE will bring. Fascinating to imagine!