Perspective on Ease & Difficulty

Interesting, isn’t it, how we observe our own lives? Sometimes it feels as though we are simply watching a story play out. Sometimes that story seems to have shocking and unexpected surprises and yet, if we really pay attention, there have always been clues. If we really had our eyes open we would not be so surprised!

I feel my life slipping into places that I saw glimmers of as a child. Glimpses and glimmers that I managed to avoid looking at directly for the next 40 years!

It is interesting also, how often we avoid what is the best for us. We can spend years wasting time and a ton of energy on what is absolutely not in our best interest.

As we look at our own or another persons’ natal chart it is often painfully clear which areas are being avoided and which are consuming energy that could be better used elsewhere.

Grand Trines, or any strong Trine (a 120 degree aspect between planets) generally highlights an area that the person is very comfortable spending their time and energy on. Those are the areas that come easily to them. Trines are the gifts that we really don’t have to work for. It is satisfying to focus our energies on the places that do not take a great deal of work and yet seem to get immediate and positive results. When we have those areas in our lives (symbolized by strong Trine aspects) why would we move toward the more difficult areas (symbolized by Squares or Oppositions in the natal chart) that demand struggle and enduring effort?

Astrologers often encourage the idea that Trine aspects are the most wonderful thing we can have! There is no question that they certainly feel wonderful! And as we move in those areas we feel powerful and possibly smug, as though somehow we know how to make our lives work. For us, in this areal, Life Works!

For me it has been my powerful Aries Moon in the 7th house (relationship) Trining my 7 planet stellium in the 11th house (love received). I have spent the past 40 years pouring my heart and soul into Relationships – those with a capital “R”! I have always believed that I had a special gift regarding relationships! HA! I have had wonderful relationships in my life. Looking back, over the years, I can truly say that I still love and maintain an inner devotion to each and every one of the folks I have been in long term relationships with throughout my life. I had an astrologer look at my chart when I was young and tell me that I would be married 7 times!

Wow! Seven!

My seventh long term relationship ended about 9 months ago and I believe that I am done with relationships, of that type, in my life. I am shocked to discover that I am not looking for, or interested in, romantic connection of any sort.

Is that really me speaking!? It is difficult and surreal for me to say that even now. Relationship has been the one constant in my life. I have ALWAYS had a partner (or more than one!). Shifting this life long pattern and becoming comfortable being alone is a difficult transition! Now it is time to learn real independence, learn to live on my own, to rely on other types of relationships. It is time now to pour energy into the relationships I have with my clients. With seven planets in the 11th house perhaps I can also find what friendship means!

As Saturn has very recently moved into my first house, I am ready to do the work that Saturn has teased me with since I was a child! To do that work, I must be alone, to take time away from Relationship, away from that easy, beautiful Trine between my Aries Moon and my Leo stellium!

I remember reading a book titled “The Wisdom of Solitude” (not the new book by the same name) when I was in high school. I remember knowing there was a draw to that space of solitude, but the world of relationships seduced me into years of avoidance.

When I look at my chart with it’s packed 11th house – full of Leo planets and my Aries Moon in the 7th, I can certainly understand why the draw to solitude lost its grip as i moved into a very different life. In order to follow that path of solitude I would have chosen the harder path, I would have faced Saturn’s square to all my Leo planets. That square has followed me always, has called to me, has offered me her hand, many many times.

I have tried to keep the fires burning without the solid earth that Saturn represents. I hope I am not too late to follow the teachings of Saturn squaring all those planets.

As Saturn has moved into my 1st forcing me to face the work ahead and Uranus moved into my 7th uprooting all my previous thoughts and ideas of Relationship. My life is certainly not where I thought it would be. I wonder how long until I will get accustomed to where it is. I feel the soothing energy of solitude. I feel the inner growth and I know it is not an easy path for me. Age brings with it the wisdom to understand the usefulness of solitude.

Always appreciate your Trines, those areas of life that work without difficult effort! On the other hand, don’t underestimate the insistence of your squares and oppositions as they are the places that bring the most important, profound and lasting growth and wisdom.

Where are the areas of your life that you are avoiding because it seems easier in the moment? A good look at your Astrological horoscope can bring a great new perspective to your life.


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