June 1, 2012:

Emotions reach into deep waters far beneath the surface. Today we consider how deeply to look into our own darkness or how quickly to avert our eyes.
Do we dig deeply, do we reach for the truth that is more conveniently hidden, or do we simply keep our view on the surface level and try not to notice how the ripples disturb the surface calm?
It takes courage to look into the depths of ourselves and we must exhibit reverence and honor to look into the depths of those we love. We are fully aware that there may be frightening revelations if we continue to peer into the dark corners of minds and hearts. We are also aware (although reminders never hurt) that our deepest treasures are also hidden beneath that surface calm.
Today’s SCORPIO MOON leads us into our depths, into our own personal dark corners and alleyways with our flashlight and our own personal brand of courage. If we are loved and/or trusted enough to be allowed into these spaces of another person, we must tread very lightly indeed.
Today these deep places may hold a soft glow, a sense of illusion. Our hearts are open and flooded with compassion as we understand that the depth of our heart is the depth of the heart of being human. We touch true compassion as we know our own depth, our own pain is shared by all who have a beating human heart.
This afternoon, MERCURY CONJUNCT VENUS. The issue of past relationships & past values systems has been very active since Venus turned retrograde on May 15th. With Mercury’s connection today, our minds and our thoughts are with past loves. Perhaps we are contemplating our former selves as well.
We are likely to be considering how our personal value systems have changed over the years. It is amazing to think of how much we have changed over time, and yet right now those ghosts of the past are very present. We miss some of the ways we used to be; we long for some of who we have been.
Spend some time with those thoughts today. There is something in this area of past loves and past beliefs that must be looked into clearly. There is something in this contemplation that we must learn before we are truly able to move forward freely. Venus will turn direct on June 27th, at that time we will be ready for direct and forward motion to begin.
I would love to hear from some of you! Let me know how this dynamic is playing out in your life. Has someone from the past reappeared in your life over the past month? How are you experiencing longing for some part of yourself from the past?