“Frozen Pond” photo by Laurie
Monday. 2011. It has been a rough road to get to where we are today. We have survived 2010. It is now behind us. A challenging year, indeed.
Today we move back into normal routines. Back to the grindstone. Vacation is over – for most of us.
Today the Moon is in Capricorn. Time to get serious. Make things happen. Let nothing get in the way. It is time to move mountains.
This afternoon the Moon’s linkage with Pluto brings us face to face with our deepest hidden insecurities. Allow those insecurities space, do not try to chase them away. Get to know and understand them and they will pass. They leave us with the knowledge that there are areas of our lives that must be purged. What is it that is getting in our way? Possessions/attitudes/relationships? Life can get stuck when we don’t know what or when to let go. Our baggage is so comforting in its familiarity, and our attachment to that comfort makes it difficult to move forward.
Tomorrow: New Moon in Capricorn, Partial Solar Eclipse, Jupiter/Uranus Conjunction… a big day…. We’ll look at the Jupiter/ Uranus Conjunction tomorrow, for now… The eclipse:
An eclipse is a time of ending. A time to acknowledge what is no longer viable. Let go of the past, no matter how strong it’s hold is on your heart. It is time to let the past go. The only way to move ahead is to stop looking behind. there is nothing left for you in the past.
Easier said, than done. Believe me, I know.
In all of this it is important to pause. To open your eyes to the exact place that you find yourself today. See how far you have come. Allow the appreciation and love of your life to fill you. Absorb a deep sense of gratitude.
Look toward the future. Where do you imagine yourself as you welcome 2012. A year passes so quickly and yet so many changes can occur in those swiftly passing days.
Take time to be with yourself as you consider and take stock of where you were a year ago, where you find yourself today, and where you envision yourself in 2012.
One foot in front of the other.

“Brook in Winter” photo by Laurie