I Hope We Get Home Today!

‘Railroad Bridge’ photo by Laurie

This evening at 7:43PM EST Mercury moves into Sagittarius bringing our minds to a more expansive place. It may be a bit more difficult to keep our thoughts and our words to ourselves as we feel compelled to express our opinions rather forcefully without thought of the consequences. It is important that we maintain an awareness of our boundaries with others at this time.

The Moon is also in Sagittarius, increasing our need for freedom and our interest in new areas of study and thought. I sure hope this great day for travel is an indication that the car will get fixed and that my friend and I will be able to get home today!!!

Last night at 11:05PM EST Venus (still retrograde) backed into Libra where she will continue retrograde until November 18th. Venus is very pleased to be back in Libra where she can respond to her inner contemplations with a more aesthetic and balanced approach.

Consider what is involved in true loving Relationship. Diplomacy, kindness and the constant balance between give and take. Perhaps as Venus is still retrograde this is an excellent time to understand that what we ‘give’ in a true spirit of love is the best of what we ‘get’.

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Put That Burden Down

Cross-stitch by Zena

We wake with a sense that something is changing, an expansion of understanding and the ability to express that understanding. (Mercury Trining Jupiter) This is a great time to travel or open yourself to new ideas and ways of thinking. Go out of your way, travel a different route, if necessary, to connect with folks from a different culture or a different generation, people who view the world in a manner very different from your own.

Early this morning, while we slept, the Moon entered Scorpio – 2:15am EDT.

The Scorpio New Moon (just after midnight tonight) suggests that it is time to move ahead with a lighter load. There is no going back. Attempting to re-shoulder that load would not support the development of anyone involved. We are once again at the end of a cycle. We are now able to see clearly the necessity of putting down that old burden. Haven’t you carried it long enough?
This is easier said than done – it is easy to idealize radical change, but change is never without difficulties. True transformation takes a very deep level of courage, self reflection and honesty. The New Moon gives us the energy to go deeply to manifest what we need. We are not stuck where we are; it is time now to envision the steps toward our future.
During this Scorpio New Moon think about the deepest areas of transformation, our sexuality, our confrontations with mortality and our role in the transformation of the culture we currently reside in.

Cross-stitch by Zena!

A Saturday Warmed By Fire

‘Leaves’ photo by Laurie
Ah, I just love the thought of a day with Mars, still newly in Sagittarius, and the Moon moving through Leo! A day warmed with fire, an opportunity for joy along with the Scorpio intensity we are still embroiled in.

The Moon squares the Sun and Venus (still retrograde) encouraging you to find that balance between the deep introspective intensity of inner work and the desire to get out and play with friends.

A great day for costumes!

Okay…. even though I love the Leo – Sagittarius combination so much…. I must admit that this may be a difficult day for many of us. We are challenged to work with these conflicting energies. Do what you can to go with the flow, to work with the deeper more private intensities, at the same time putting forth the effort to honor your connections and friendships with joy and playfulness.

There is work to be done in this day…. no question. If you are willing to get out of your own way you could accomplish a great deal in bringing your relationships to a new level of pleasure, enjoyment and depth.

Venus, still retrograde is working through it’s darkest phase… what are you learning? How are you allowing yourself to be moved? Are you able to allow your hurt and disappointment to move you toward new hope and self soothing? This is a time when you can move forward from the past, learn a new sense of your personal values and your ways of dealing with stuck emotional patterns.
Move ahead. Get dressed up. Go out and open your heart to others, let go of what is holding you back – Have some fun!

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Surrender To What Is Offered

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Is it Monday already? I’m not sure where the weekend went! All that I had intended to accomplish is still left undone! It is good to remember that sometimes we need to surrender to what life has in mind for us regardless of what we think ‘must’ be done!
On Saturday the Sun moved into Scorpio bringing with it a surge of desire to control our world. With a small crowd of planets now in Scorpio we may notice a desire for influence, power, control and all the things that represent those energies in our world: money, sex, strength, deep secrecy and intensity.
As Mercury and Venus join hands in this deepest space, we have the opportunity to express great depths of feelings regarding our most personal values in relationship. Mars is also moving through Pluto’s sign of Scorpio. Watch our tendencies to be obsessive, reclusive and secretive. During this time we are able to express our deepest beliefs and values if we are willing to extend our vulnerability.
In order to come forth as the Phoenix one must go to the depths of vulnerability – that is one important lesson of Scorpio.
Find the places/people that allow for vulnerability, that are safe, deep and warm. It is suggested that great transformation can come through opening to your deepest hidden secrets, all those places within yourself that you don’t even want to look into.
The Moon moving into Gemini this morning brings some light and ease into all this intensity. Transformation can occur as we open the depth of Scorpio to the light of day! The conversations are important. Find ways to talk clearly and with kindness.
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Opening to Intuition, Create Magic!

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With the Moon in Pisces we feel empathy for others, we are able to understand that we are more similar than different from those around us. We are able to perceive an expansion of perspective that is very soft and yet contains an edge of protectiveness. We see the suffering of others – we aspire to find a way to offer help.

Deeply held feelings that have long been difficult to unravel can find expression today. The world need our wisdom. It is time to release whatever has held us down so long.

There is opportunity in this time – keep open to intuition – be prepared to leap!

Enthusiasm will keep the day interesting. There may seem little distinction between fantasy and reality today. Our dreams seem as real as anything in the tangible world.

Enjoy your imagination and fantasies, take time with them. Write some poetry, look at the sky, spend time with yourself, forgive yourself and others, take a walk, watch an old film or make a new one.

Create Magic. Dream.

Mercury and Sun Trine Neptune and Chiron
Moon approaches Jupiter

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