Expect the Unexpected today with Moon in eccentric,
innovative Aquarius.
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Sometimes it is difficult to accept that the paths of our lives (where we may wish for stability) move this way and that, sometimes with little rhyme or reason.
Today is a great day to bring curiosity to the process. Our Spirituality, Mysticism and Religious beliefs are subject to intensification and the most unusual changes. Do not expect your long held beliefs to remain solid.
Allow for new ideas to emerge.

Depth & Complications

Many of my contemporaries on Facebook have their relationship status listed as “It’s Complicated”. There was a popular movie, recently, with that as it’s title as well, and although I didn’t see the movie, my understanding is that the title refers to the complications of romantic Relationships.

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It is difficult to imagine a relationship, without complication. We find our individual lives to be so complicated that the idea of connecting with others brings the potential for complications to great heights!

How much of that complication is created in our own minds? Perhaps we need these complications to add excitement, to feel in control or maybe it is simply habit?

There is nothing complicated about love. Love occurs simply, in a simple moment of time.
It is organic – motion – energy.

Complications occur when we stop focusing on simple clean energies in current time. We become preoccupied with expectations, hopes, dreams, disappointment and fear. We get pulled into a story line so strong and deep in our minds that we believe it is real. The Relationship becomes a burden.
We are not often aware of the many subtle ways we get pulled into our own stories as though they were real.

Next month (October 8) Venus stations (stops) at 13 degrees Scorpio, and turns retrograde, something that occurs regularly, approximately every 18 months. Venus will remain retrograde until November 18th, when it will move direct at 27 Libra.

Venus symbolizes love, relationships, your personal values & where you find beauty, Symbolically, Venus embodies your ideal image of woman, the female principle… whatever that means to you.

If you follow, and pay attention to, the retrograde cycle of Venus (the way many people do with Mercury’s retrograde cycle) it is a great opportunity to learn about your own internal image of the female principle, how you relate to this image, how it affects your life and if there are ways to improve how this internal image supports your life.

Colors-Star photo by Laurie

We all have our expectations and ideals of Relationships (love) and Personal Resources (money) – two main territories of Venus. Venus Retrograde offers us the opportunity to learn to better understand what these needs are and if we are getting them fed in a way that works for the advancement of our personal life path and the larger path of our fellow humans.

Perhaps less complication would create an environment that could better support all of us. Maybe we, as humans, are ready to go the depth that Scorpio asks of us. Not the painful, overwhelming complications of drama and scheduling but the real depth of pure transformational energy.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ah, I’m back. not sure where I’ve been, but, I’m back.

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Rapid transformation continuing. We keep looking for ground under our feet and still only find open space. Work to be okay with that. What looks like solid ground is often deceiving.

Last week on September 8th at 11:44AM Venus moved into Scorpio. This evening at 6:37PM Mars will follow into Scorpio as well. Early this morning Pluto turned direct after approximately five months of retrograde motion.

Relationships have likely moved toward more intensity, passion and drama. Be aware of the tendency toward manipulative energies, toward the demand for all or nothing, in others or ourselves. Power and control issues are common, between partners, friends or co-workers during this time. Address these issues, honestly, in yourself and do not engage with others who try to pull you in.

Pluto’s forward motion is a clear sign to cut out any dead weight in your life, open your eyes and look clearly at what does and doesn’t work, even if you don’t want to see it.

It is time to accept the transformation you have been in the middle of throughout this summer. Let go, it is easier to move forward now.

Venus is about to go retrograde. It’ll be interesting indeed.

An Ordinary Day

It seems that we wake up each morning thinking about all the wondrous or terrible things that may happen throughout our day.

“Ah”, we think, “the Moon is in this sign or that sign and it will highlight these different energies for us and those around us!”

Today I just want to think about what it is like to have an ordinary day. When you look back over the years there really are very few days that stand out against the rest. To me that is a clear indication that we have a great deal of ordinary days.

Weeds photo by Laurie

Today, perhaps we got up with plenty of time to catch up on some email communications, we enjoyed the perfect cup of coffee, the shower was hot and soothing and we headed off to work feeling great.

On the other hand, perhaps we stepped on the cat as we got out of bed. her howl awoke our sleeping family and we went on to burn our toast and had a terrible confrontation with our partner, teenage child or house-mate! We raced out of the house feeling horrible about ourself and every aspect of our life.

These are such ordinary occurrences and yet they set the stage for how we feel about the rest of our day, our week or even our relationship with our partner, child or our self!

We move, from those simple moments, into our day, feeling bliss or despair. It is crucial to understand how ordinary these types of evens are. These minor mishaps or pleasures create in us a perception that life is so great or so terrible. The reality is that both the best and the most challenging events are just like clouds passing across the Sun – they will move along in a moment – and something else will appear.

We make everything so difficult for ourselves by trying so hard to hang on to the beautiful moments and/or keep the difficult moments away. In reality we will get a ton of both the good and the challenging and they will all pass away into more ordinary moments of more bliss or difficulty.

Bowl photo by Sylas DeMello

It is important to work with your mind, to learn to let these moments go by peacefully and wait with open arms for the next moments to come freely and pass away again. In order to face the real difficulties, the death and pain that we will invariably encounter over time, first we must learn to handle these ordinary moments.

Breath. and let it pass. it will all change in a moment.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Last night while we slept the Leo Moon opposed Neptune. Perhaps we all awoke with the remnants of beautiful dreams!

‘Two Lights State Park’ photo by Sylas Demello

Then, just as the day began the Moon slipped into hard working, perfectionist Virgo. It certainly kicked in our need to get back to work after a long weekend! A few days still remain until Mercury turns direct to support our forward motion, still time to catch up on those loose ends! Clean up our messes, and the messes left behind by others as well!

Today it is important to look at reality without filters, look at your situation clearly. Make assessment of what is needed to bring yourself closer to your ideal in the areas of health, exercise, the general routines of your life and how you are contributing to humanity as a whole.

Tomorrow’s New Moon in Virgo at 6:29AM brings us the opportunity to put changes in these areas into clear focus. Find the routines that will reduce chaos and physical stress. Look at where you can be of useful service to others. The energy of Virgo wants us to perfect ourselves only so we can be of benifit to humanity – not so our homes can be spotless!

The real Virgo trick is to find perfection in the chaos, perfection in all the messy ways that life manifests! When we look at our lives with eyes wide open, allowing things to be as they are, we clearly see what a fabulous mess life really is! How could it be otherwise? Learn to make the best of this reality, find ways to optimize what you have to offer those around you. Discover who you are in the bigger picture.

Tomorrow – 6:29AM – New Moon in Virgo.
Set your plans, your aspirations, make your lists, ready, set – GO!

“Let the Universe Support Your Growth”

Laurie Farrington
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