Sunday, September 5, 2010

photo by Sylas DeMello

Oh, I do love the Moon in Leo!
Heading to Montreal today with my friend Sylas on her 29th Birthday! What a lovely day it should be! The expressive, playful Leo Moon Trines expansive Jupiter and unpredictable Uranus – encouraging us to dramatically and spontaneously express ourselves as though we were on stage! Expect to encounter some cranky moments as Mercury and Mars agitate each other a bit… work to let that energy pass like clouds on a basically clear day.

Champlain Valley Fair! 2010

Keep your energy on the playful side and enjoy!
Freely acknowledge those around you, pass compliments easily, encourage your most generous nature and you will have a great day!

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Moon moved into Cancer this morning bringing our emotions to the front line. Our beautiful Moon starts her day with very strong aspects! We feel the power of Pluto, the intensification of Uranus, the expansion of Jupiter and the restriction of Saturn all entering our emotional envirornment!
The manifestation of our emotions will likely reflect this tension.

photo by Sylas DeMello

It is best to use this as an opportunity to observe our currently strategies of managing strong emotions. Whatever you learn today will pay off during Venus’ upcoming retrograde period – which we will talk about very soon!

Thursday September 2, 2010

purple & green!

Wow! Today is a day to grab hold of and do your very best to enjoy!

The Gemini Moon makes lovely aspects to Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron!

Take some time to play, socialize and enjoy those close to you.

The Trine from the Sun to the nodes enables our enjoyment of today to bring us to a better place in days ahead! The future will be better determined by how you spend & who you spend your time with today!

Circles for Peace

The Triple Goddess – The Cycles of Life

The worship of the Goddess in ancient cultures reflects the phases of the Moon. Her archetypes live on within our hearts and minds. Our lives, as women, proceed through the stages of the Triple Goddess.

~ the Maiden ~ the Mother ~ the Crone ~

We begin our journey as the Maiden. This stage represents purity, youth, freshness and all that is new and full of awe and wonder.
During this stage we have our health, our innocence, our idealism and our entire future ahead of us. Our every breath is braced in anticipation! As the Maiden we see beauty and the wonder of nature in all things. The Maiden is represented by the New Moon and the Waxing Moon.

Time passes quickly and we move beyond this state of idealistic innocence. At age 27.5 we come upon our Progressed Lunar Return. This marks a very different cycle life.

By the time we have reached this phase we have encountered our first disappointments, disillusionment and a certain amount of pain. Maturity pushes us to step into a new role. It is now the time for us to support new life and accept the responsibility of our actions and the results of our decisions. We may or may not become biological mothers during this cycle, but that is not the issue. Our maturation has expanded our view of the world and of those around us. We are no longer infatuated with the newness of our own life, we have experienced some of the bitter edges and understand the need to offer support and love to others.

In our growing maturity we embrace life in the this second phase as we become the Mother. This is a phase of power and fullness which matures us deeply and fully. We now are interested and able to protect and nurture others. The archetype of the mother is the fullness of womanhood. The role of the Mother is one of power, she is the creator of life, the giver, the comforter, the protector, the lover. During this phase we learn confidence, patience, self discipline and responsibility. The Full Moon represents the power and grace of the Mother.

As we approach our Second Progressed Lunar Return (age 55) we move into the final cycle of the triple Goddess. The most difficult to accept and the most misunderstood, we now become The Crone, The Wise Woman, The Hag.

It can be a shock to find oneself suddenly entering this final phase of the cycle, becoming the Crone. Our culture does a poor job of honoring the wisdom of time and age. It is easy to feel that we have disappeared, that others no longer see us.

However, with our own acceptance and understanding, our job in this cycle is to educate the culture, to teach others, and our own value is part of what we must teach. We have much knowledge to pass on, our years on this planet have brought us face to face with the internal wisdom and mysteries of time. The stage of the Crone Goddess symbolizes wisdom and deep transformation. The Crone must care for The Maiden and The Mother. It is time to embrace the inner Wise Woman, the Crone, the Hag, the keeper of Mysteries.

As we move into this cycle and embrace our internal Crone, we recognize the deep value of our stories, we see that all the years of our experience have taught us much. It is time to take seriously our role as teacher, as wise counsel. The Crone is the Elder, the great teacher, the Waning Moon. As we now face another dimension beyond this life, it is our job to pass on the wisdom we have gathered from all the years as Maiden and as Mother. We must hold no bitterness, we must release our attachments, we must learn to move gracefully into age, wisdom and the ultimate coming of death.

It is time to tell our stories with pride and with humility.

The Beauty, the Hope & the Challenge of Idealism

As a child I learned that idealism was something to strive for, something wonderful. That if only we could hold an idealistic vision of ourselves and the world around us it would somehow protect us from the reality of a difficult life.

It was an ongoing joke in my family that our mother wore rose colored glasses and blinders to keep the view of difficulties out of her site. She was never able to see what was right in front of her or all around her.
I never thought of idealism as a defense mechanism until the topic came out in my astrological studies with Noel Tyl.
Think about the connections between the Sun, Mercury and/or Venus. How does this connection play out in an individual’s life? Expand this idea and bring Jupiter into the mix as well. What behavior or attitudes can we anticipate?
When our logic, our perception and our ability to reason (Mercury) are warmed by or combined with the heat of our vital creativity (Sun) our experience becomes one of positive hope (idealism). The Sun is so bright and so warm; if it is making close contact with Mercury, how could it do otherwise than to brighten the energy of thought?
Irrespective of the reality of our situation, our thoughts brighten and on go the rose colored glasses!
Similarly, when our thought processes (Mercury) are combined with our manner or sense of aesthetics, attraction and social graces (Venus) our thinking takes on a manner of beauty, balance and diplomacy that will potentially view the world similarly, with a lack of reality. We see the beauty that we want to see!
Now, if we are to bring Jupiter into the mix as well, we will experience an expansion of confidence (Jupiter), we will perceive our thoughts and manner of thinking (Mercury) as having an element of wisdom, trust and faith in life! With that we will often add the experience of Spirituality to the mix.
Idealism can be so powerful and beautiful and can assist us with the difficulties of our lives. It can bring us the encouragement that we need to carry on, to continue moving forward in the face of, even extreme, difficulties. This is the side of idealism that is most useful, it tells us, “yes” we are able, and nothing can stop us! Confidence pushes us forward!
If we are heading in the right direction, with the right intensions and a solid support system, this energy can propel our lives forward beautifully. If, on the other hand, we experience the sense that nothing can stop us when we are not heading in the right direction, when we do not have what it takes energetically, when we do not have the necessary support, we can get ourselves in all manner of trouble!
Idealism can bring us into areas we have no business being, possibly even bringing us into serious situations and extreme danger. In certain circumstances, idealism can move us through fantasy and toward disillusionment while we may not even notice that there is a problem. Life can crash down around us while we are deep in allusion and simply not paying attention to reality
It is very common for those of us who had the experience (privilege or disadvantage) of coming into our early adulthood during the turbulent, and very idealistic 1960’s to have serious issues if we have this signature of idealism in our horoscopes!
How many of us have struggled to find a realistic reality to build a productive life on after coming of age in the midst of a time of such a level of unrealistic idealism? How many of us have spent varying amounts of time and energy stuck in the past with all of its beautiful fantasy? Ah, it was a beautiful dreamy time! Having to face the real world after growing up in such a time has been a challenge for so many!
Has the experience of disillusionment been so strong that many of us have closed ourselves off to the good within idealism? Alternatively, have we been able to find a place to express/experience the idealism of that time and still move forward into a reality that has been able to support our adult lives?

Are you at a crossroad in your life? Are your circumstances other than what you expected?

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Life Transitions Require New Perspectives!

It is my goal to empower you in the exploration of the past, present and future of your life.

Let's talk. There is so much to learn and understand.

~ Laurie