Libra New Moon 2:44PM

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Libra New Moon at 02:44 pm EDT, a time to observe the reality of your closest attachments, plant new seeds of equality in these relationships, a time to let go of indecisiveness, a time to move forward.

The New Moon is hanging close to Mercury, Saturn and the Sun today, we find thought, stability and illumination here in our closest partnerships. We may see what has been hidden from view. Now is a time to build balance and harmony with your partner or your friend,

Whatever we are creating will continue to be worked with for the next 6 weeks as, Venus, the ruler of Libra turns retrograde tomorrow. All issues of attachments, relationships, love and resources will be inspected and re-evaluated during this time.

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The Moon is in analytical, orderly Virgo, encouraging us to use discrimination and precision in the expression of our emotions today.

With Mercury in hard aspect to Pluto, it is indeed a good day to be discriminating with our communications. Your words can hold an intensity that you are hardly aware of until you see the response from those around you. Pay attention and use your thoughts and communications with care.
Words can bite! Keep this in mind as you receive communications from others as well. Do not be quick to judgment, give others a wide space of tolerance and compassion!

This Pluto issue is not just in communications – look also to your deepest thoughts today. The Virgo Moon may be quick to judge our darker thoughts harshly, but remember their is value also in the darkness. Allow your thoughts to pass, do not reject them, do not hold on to them. Allow your mind to process without judgment of the gray matter in your head. We all may struggle with difficult dark thoughts today and with finding ways to present these thoughts with ease.

We can be grateful to the discrimination of the Virgo Moon in the expression of our thoughts but don’t let the self criticism circumvent what is good and rich within the darkness.

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Leo Drama Gives Way to Virgo Analysis

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This morning we are still in the realm of the dramatic, generous Leo Moon. We want to be active and to be seen! It is easy to be outgoing, to connect with others and to be generous with our emotions, our possessions and our heart. However as the Leo Moon gives way to Virgo at 3:59 pm EDT we move toward the evening feeling more timid, no longer wanting to be in the spotlight. This evening we are more inclined to quieter activities, or we may jump into analyzing our friends, partners and current situations. We want to be in a quieter place, partaking in more demure activities.

As Mercury squares Pluto we may do well to be aware of our tendency to be critical and/or defensive. There is the suggestion that we are not feeling safe enough to let others know our true feelings or what it is we really want or need. Don’t jump out on a limb now, there is nothing to be proven by taking risks of vulnerability on this day. Save that for another day.

This evening would be good to cook a meal, go to the gym, organize your closets/cupboards or edit that novel you have been writing.

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Today Look for Warmth, Generosity, Love & Play!

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The past few days may have felt a bit rough as the Moon moved through Cancer. Water – Emotion – A ton of Rain & Moodiness! I wasn’t sure it would ever stop raining! Emotions have been very close to the surface for ourselves and our loved ones… and it is likely that those emotions have not always been rational or well handled!

It is great to have the Moon find it’s way into Leo on a Saturday setting the stage for a more playful & fun evening, night and day tomorrow! Do make sure to keep that drama on the Fun side! Go for warmth, generosity, love & play!

Another bit of excitement today as Mercury contacts electrifying Uranus. Our thinking can’t seem to move fast enough! We feel that must have new ways to stimulate our minds – something new & unusual attracts our thinking or perhaps it is just the day that we must have that new shiny iPod!

New surprising discoveries may come your way today – expect the unexpected!
As we move closer to Venus’ retrograde turn (October 8) keep our minds open to what we are learning regarding fairness, cooperation and diplomacy in all our relationships. We are learning a great deal about how we are in relationships this month as Mercury is catching up with the Sun and Saturn in Libra.

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Seriously Considering Partnerships

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The Sun and Saturn continue their time together today. We are serious about making our partnerships work. We are able to tap into energies of diplomacy, compromise and balance. It is a great time for negotiating all types of relationship dynamics. Sign that prenuptial agreement today – or the divorce papers, for that matter!
The Gemini Moon slipped into Cancer bringing compassion and care to the equation. Expect, and make room for, people around you to be a bit moodier than usual.
A great evening for socializing with your closest friends
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