Neptune Brings Compassion in Pisces

Today Neptune entered Pisces, the sign of its rulership. Neptune is comfortable here, she has ‘come home’! She knows how to navigate the waters of Pisces, and these are deep waters indeed!

But I confess that I wonder: what are we in for now? I am thinking/hoping that a big sign of relief will ultimately be called for!

Neptune moves very slowly. The last time Neptune entered Pisces was in 1848, very shortly after its discovery. It takes 165 years for Neptune to circle the entire zodiac! It is an uncommon occurrence for this outer planet to change signs! None of us, alive today, have had the opportunity to experience this placement, it is completely outside of our experience. What can we expect?

The outer planets work on a generational and a cultural level more than on a personal level (although if you have personal planets in the early degrees of Mutable signs it will likely feel very personal indeed!).

Between now and August we will get just a taste of the changes this energy will bring us. In August Neptune will retrograde back into Aquarius for approximately 6 months before making a final entrance into Pisces where she will stay for the next 14 years.

It can be difficult to get a clear handle on what Neptune represents, the type of changes this shift will bring to the our collective consciousness. Neptune is often thought of as the higher octave of Venus. Neptune brings us an expanded level of sensitivity, imagination, a lack of boundaries, sometimes bewilderment, idealism, and compassion. Neptune shows us the places to find an alternative reality. Think of all the things that take us away from the hard realities of our human life. In Pisces all these issues with take on more space in our lives!

Poetry. Prayer. Drugs. Alcohol. Dreams. Love. Mysticism. Religion. Music. Ecstatic Dance. Film. Escape. Devotion. Imagination. Deep Suffering which results in Deep Compassion!

For good or for ill, all the places where we lose our sense of boundaries are a part of the Neptune vibration. Neptune brings us to a level of suffering and of ecstasy that drop us to our knees. It is through this suffering and ecstasy that we finally come (often times kicking and screaming) to a place of self-transcendence and spiritual awakening.

I expect that this time of Neptune in Pisces will bring us, collectively to these levels of deep suffering and ultimately to a place where we will see the wisdom and necessity of compassion and empathy for our fellow humans on this path of life.  I suspect that we will search to find a connection within ourselves and to each other that will bring meaning to our lives. I am hopeful that we will learn to care for each other in many  ways that have been so long neglected.

We may learn to understand the suffering that is inherent in all humans life – the suffering of birth, old age, sickness and death. Perhaps as we understand that human suffering is universal we may finally learn the depth of compassion that will enable us to truly serve and help each other.

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Courage & Action, Aries New Moon

Yesterday the Moon and Mars entered bold assertive Aries, each have since made contact with Uranus. We may feel assertive and yet not terribly attached to whatever unconventional outcome we seem to be pushing for.  Mars is thrilled to be in his sign of choice, where he is clear that he will be granted whatever he has the courage to insist upon!

Today’s Aries New Moon brings us another indication that we are ripe for a rebirth, or a new cycle. Get clear about what it is you want and are ready to take action on; move with courage in that direction. An Aries New Moon suggests the new cycle is one of action and courage.

What is it that you have been holding back on? What has yet to be completed that you are now ready to move ahead on?  With Mercury still retrograde and Saturn opposing this New Moon, we must exhibit far more patience than Aries is accustomed to or cares for!

This may not be a new situation but, perhaps a new beginning or a new cycle of something that you have been working with for some time.  Expect a certain amount of frustration due to the ‘holding back’ energy of Saturn, but stay with it. Hold steady and maintain courage. If our patience can hold out, the results will likely help us develop an increase in courage and, potentially, the fruition of our desires.  With Jupiter in the mix as well, there is excitement in the air! Even as Saturn insists on adding a dose of  seriousness and effort, we are optimistic and ready to expand our awareness.

Let’s hold out for some of the simple LUCK the old time astrologers associated with Jupiter! A little luck goes a long ways and with all the aggression of Aries let’s hold out for that Luck, along with some of Saturn’s reality and planning as we move into this new cycle of Aries!

Happy Spring!

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Re-examine Mercury Rx (retrograde)!

Mercury turns retrograde (24 degrees of Aries) on March 30th, at 4:47 pm EDT – it will resume direct motion (12:53 degrees of Aries) on April 23rd at 6:03 am EDT.

How many times can we talk about Mercury retrograde?  Well, considering that this small planet turns retrograde approximately 3 times per year, I guess that is how often we will continue to discuss the issue!

It seems that the idea of Mercury retrograde has taken root in the culture in a way that is not helpful to our lives or to the way the general population views astrology!  Folks who know very little about astrology tend to expound the horrors of Mercury retrograde! No matter what may go wrong during this cycle we can lay the blame at Mercury’s feet!  Before we get into how this small planet’s motion affects our lives, let us, once again, ask the question: What does it mean when a planet is said to be retrograde?

I want to keep it simple; no complications here.

If you are interested, you will find a more extensive and excellent explanation of retrograde motion here!

Please remember that all our planets turn retrograde at different times. Mercury is particularly notable due to its frequency and it’s very noticeable affects on our everyday lives.

When Mercury turns retrograde, it seems (from our perspective on earth) that it is moving backwards in the sky. Obviously this is an optical illusion. It is all about perspective. This illusion is created by the orbital rotation of the earth, in relation to the other planets in our solar system. This optical illusion is created because we are observing it from a perspective inside the whole of a constantly moving solar system. Have you ever been on a moving subway or car when you realized that another moving car seemed to be moving backwards although it was in fact moving forward? All a matter of perspective!

Indeed, a simple matter of perspective, and yet, from an astrological point of view this is very significant. The energy that we have come to expect from the planet in question functions very differently during these times of retrograde motion. The energy no longer utilizes an easy direct outward expression. There may be objectives involved that are not clear or easy to understand.

Once we become aware of Mercury’s retrograde cycle and have observed it through time it is easy to see how it can be blamed for so many things. If we are moving ahead with our lives, unaware, we may find that things stop ‘working’ in the ways that we expect them to. People seem to misunderstand our communications and therefore our intentions. Everything we try to do takes longer because there is no smooth motion to our lives!  It is easy to wind up thinking that Mercury is to blame for these stressful and difficult times!

So, now that we have had the opportunity to observe these cycles, it is time to learn how to use them to our advantage!  It has been only recently that I have really come to appreciate and, even (yes!) embrace these times!

The key is:  SLOW DOWN!

Also,  keep the prefix ‘re’ closely at hand! “The prefix ‘re’ is a synonym for again, indicating a return to a previous condition, or repetition of a previous action.”

The last time Mercury was retrograde was late November to the end of December 2010. Take a moment to think about and consider what has transpired in your life since the beginning of this year. What have you left undone since that time? Where in your life do you need to ‘return to a previous condition or action’? What do you need to go back and look at or complete?

This period of time will not move smoothly if you continue trying to move forward into new territory. It will behove you to take time now to examine where you have been and what parts of your life you need to re-visit.

Look at that prefix closely! how many words are can you think of that begin with the prefix re? How many of them are applicable at this time?

re-read, re-group, re-write, re-do, re-imagine, re-tell, re-think, re-word, re-name, re-pay, re-make, re-appear, re-arrange, re-apply, re-appoint, re-animate, re-ally, re-fresh, re-marry, re-load, re-enter, re-make, re-hire, ….

During this time, do not start anew, go back and look at what is already on your plate! How can you re-vitalize what you already have? Re-juvenate what you already have! Take time, make what you have, your life, the best that it can be!  With a bit of attention you have all that you need right in front of you right now!

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Noel Tyl on Japan

To my Blog Readers,
I was thrilled and deeply touched by Noel Tyl‘s thoughtful words on the situation facing Japan.

~ Laurie

What’s Happening Now?

Oh, the upheaval of Nature!  Inscrutable; unpredictable.

And an embarrassment for Astrology: while it can deeply appreciate the human being in society and life-development time, it can not understand or grasp the positioning of Earthquakes, Floods, giant Fires, or plagues in the scheme of human existence.  For reasons unknown, we can not harness knowledge of natural eruption and horror upon the planet.  Perhaps the reason is because Astrology is a human, phenomenological art-science evolving out of human behavior not natural cataclysm.

It is almost as if we are not yet supposed to have such  knowledge of Nature. And perhaps that teaches us something: perhaps it is not to study the calamity but the people within it.  –Of course, pre-warning of explosion can help us lessen impact on our life, but the fact remains that the explosion will take place, regardless, and it is for the people to grow through it, for populations to  be adjusted, for nations to recover in their individualistic style.  –Throughout history, it has been so.

We think we know the horoscope of modern Japan [The focusing of the Constitution, November 3, 1946 at 8:30 AM in Tokyo].  The national image shown in the horoscope speaks eloquently of the noble discipline of the Japanese people living within a highly focused  idealistic sense of purpose. Above all, modern Japan needs to be helpful to the world –technologically inventive and relating it all to social progress. This is Japan’s identity.

When the massive earthquake occurred, the planet Uranus was dramatically involved with a synthesis point of the Japan Sun and Moon.  This is a simple but powerful astrological glimpse of the tragedy. It suggests enormous, sudden upheaval, much like a divorce in a marriage; on a national level, we can expect chaos.

The astrological signature also brings forward the dramatic energies of individualism, the Japanese people dealing with awesome difficulty with innovation and improvements.

So easily, people can question –or even blame– their God for the horrors of loss, the wreckage of life.  Someone or something must be behind it all for some purpose!  But this question of intent or plan is equally inscrutable with reference to the causes of the calamity.  It helps us not.

Perhaps a better view is this: through this chaos, we  see dramatic intensification of our awareness of the human condition, fragile and strong at the same time.  This is what rescues us and this is what we already see active throughout the Japanese population hard at work upon recovery.

And we see how the ever-maturing national image and new energies of resurrection in Japan are attracting the loving, empathic care of the rest of the world.  –The answer to the Why? of this terrible happening is transcended by acknowledgement, collectively and individually, of the Goodness of Spirit.  This keeps us alive.  This tells us all who we are.

Bless you, Japan!

Noel Tyl

Japan On My Mind

These past few days feel like a bit of a blur. Japan is on my mind. Is it possible to truly imagine or understand what the people of Japan are experiencing?

I believe/hope that we are all beginning to realize the connection between all humans, no matter the distance between us. If our hearts are open we feel the pain that is resonating within your country, your culture, your world and each of your individual lives.

The pain that is felt in one part of our human body (or our earth) is felt in the whole of humankind. What happens to a part happens to the whole.
With an event such as this we are forced to look at how unstable our lives are, how impermanent all of life is. We must open our eyes and our hearts to the fact that we never know the ways our lives may change in a day or even in a moment. It is important that we use these experiences as an opportunity to understand the reality of impermanance in our lives. We can become more deeply aware of the gift that each day is to us and the gift of each human connection within those days.

As a gift and an honoring for all those who have died we can learn to love more deeply, more honorably and to live each day as if it really matters because it does!

Are you at a crossroad in your life? Are your circumstances other than what you expected?

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