On the Brink of Another New Year ~ 2010!

Once again we are at the brink of a New Year – 2010!

As another year’s calendar comes to a close, we embark on familiar cultural rituals. We look back. We look forward. We make plans to celebrate, we make resolutions and we hope that the coming year will be better than the last!

As 2009 comes to an end, take the time to contemplate, to consider your current, past and future circumstances. Are you in a better situation: happier, healthier than you were at the end of 2008? or are your circumstances and situation worse/more difficult? Does it seem almost as though you are living a completely different life than the one you were living last year? or does it all seem very similar? Did the changes you intended last year come to pass or are you still repeating all those same old patterns?

Adjust your lens from the past into the future… do you imagine next December 31st looking much the same or very different from how your life looks tonight? Do you have the energy, can you create what you want in the upcoming year?

The entire landscape of our lives will likely appear vastly different 365 days from now! (Indeed, dramatic changes could occur in the next half hour, but we’ll keep focused on the year ahead!)

We have no way of knowing as one year ends if we will even be here to celebrate the ending of the next. We do not know who will be by our side. Perhaps the same people that are with you tonight? Perhaps people you you have only recently met or people you have never met or even someone yet to be born will be by your side!? Indeed, you may be alone next year – by choice or by circumstance!
There are no crystal balls and absolutley no indication of the minor or considerable pains and/or pleasures ahead.

Perhaps the purpose of this yearly celebration is simply to mark the passage of time. With this ritual celebration we drive a stake into the ground to remind ourselves of where we stood at this time, to distinguish with this celebration, one year from the next.

I suspect that many of us have memories of New Years Eve celebrations where we were with people and in circumstances that were not good for us, situations that we did not know how to get out of easily. Perhaps we were expected to do things a certain way and did not know how to say what we really wanted. Perhaps we were afraid of what that act, of seeming rebellion, would create in the coming year and we were not ready to face those changes.

We have only a certain amount of control regarding how the coming year unfolds. Circumstances, “acts of god” and the actions of others are outside of our control. What we can control, however, is how we spend this last night of the year and the first day of the new year.

Remember the song, popular in the early 70’s “Love The One You’re With”…. many of us are afraid to be alone, particularly on this night that we have been taught we must ‘party’, drink, live it up, celebrate….. that is the ritual….

So, how about this year? Who are you spending your New Year’s Celebration with? And what are you doing with your evening and your day tomorrow? Are you where you want to be? With who you want to be with?

Let this evening and your day tomorrow reflect what you want for the coming year! You owe it to yourself and to all those you love to be true to yourself and honest enough in your relationships to face the future coming from a place of clarity and self acceptance!

It is very likely that there will be both pain and pleasure in the upcoming year. The trick is to accept each as it comes. Open your heart and watch with curiosity as the year unfolds!

11 years ago today my mom died. Perhaps that event, coming on a day of traditional celebration, has brought a different light to my understanding of the importance of this day. Tonight I will spend Joyfully alone. I will enjoy the time of solitude, time to contemplate the year behind and the year ahead.

Moving on, respecting and releasing what is past – making the space for what will come.

An Interesting Holiday Indeed! 2009

We approach the holiday season with much excitement & expectation. However, we know that this is a difficult season for many. Think of your friends, family, neighbors, even your co-workers who are struggling through this time All too many of them/us have absorbed unrealistic images and ideals of what the holiday season should be.
In our minds, we have such beautiful pictures of the perfect holiday!
  • Our perfect home is always clean and beautifully decorated, inside and out!
  • Our perfect family always treats each other with love and respect in every moment!
  • Our perfect temperament has no stress about time, family dynamics or how to pay the bills when they come due!

In our sweet imagination we bake cookies with our children, our moms and grandmas, sit around a warm fire, sing carols and kiss our perfect partner under the mistletoe!

Our imagination holds limitless bliss!
It is difficult to avoid the thought that we have somehow failed our families and ourselves when the reality of our lives do not match up to this ideal fantasy!

The Astrological transits, the issues, intensity, energies and how we are affected by them vary each year.

The one constant is the Sun – each year the Sun moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn on December 21st or 22nd. This coincides with our shift from having fun with holiday preparation to serious stress about what we HAVE to get done in just a few short days! After beginning the preparation in late November with joyful expectations we now realize that there are limits on our time, our finances, our patience and our energy. With Capricorn comes the concern that we have spent too much money and yet have not done as much as we ‘should‘! Our stress builds as we approach this self imposed finish line!
The year 2009 exists with the heavy background of Saturn squaring Pluto, which demands transformation of, that which we have considered, the steady grounding forces in our lives. The earth has shaken and we know the process is not yet over.

Jupiter & Neptune are together for a bit longer after spending most of the year side by side. With this combination we sense hope and acceptance of something larger than ourselves at work in this process. Keep this energy close to you as you deal with the more challenging elements of your family this holiday season.
Expand your acceptance. This is your family, your clan, chosen or not!
It is what it is – they are who they are, just as you are.
Keep your heart open!
Jupiter and Neptune side by side in Aquarius will help immeasurably!
The combination of Saturn square Pluto, and Jupiter conjunct Neptune speaks of the futility of attempting to gain or maintain any level of control over the actions of others or over the course of many aspects of our existence. Acceptance will open the heart and heal a lot of wounds.
This week with the Sun approaching conjunction with Pluto (exact on Thursday, December 24, 2009) our attention turns toward very serious issues. Ask yourself what you have to offer that is of deep and abiding significance. What do you have to offer to your loved ones, your community, your world? Step away from the stress of this holiday season – take a deep look at your personal values. What is the value you have to offer? How are you able to put this value into action now? Perhaps your growing dissatisfaction and frustration would resolve itself if you were to find that answer and begin the steps to put it into action.
The energy of transiting Mars (retrograde) is turned inward, offering us the opportunity to slow down and work below the surface, to sit quietly and find what is real & true for ourselves. Watch the quality of our communications and our tendencies toward frustration, anger and aggression.
Many of us are spending time with families during these holidays. It is a great time to practice being in relationship, without addenda. Take the time, make the effort to observe ourselves and those we are in relationship with.

Take time to allow the act of observation to slow down the need to respond.

Family dynamics often bring up reactions we may later regret. During the retrograde cycle of Mars, please understand that any acts of aggression, whether physical or verbal, will end badly for the aggressor. Observation is not necessarily a passive act! Observation is an act that will serve you well in many difficult and uncomfortable situations. As your skills of observation deepen you will realize how the ability to observe rather than react will enable you to chose actions that you will not need to later regret – you will also learn much that will surprise you about yourself!
Transiting Mercury also turns retrograde on Saturday December 26th reminding us to also slow down our mental activity and pay careful attention to our communications as well.

This is indeed an interesting holiday season! As you spend time with family and loved ones watch your communications, your tendencies toward anger, frustrations and aggression. Develop skills of observation and skills of patience. Be patient with yourself and others, observe your behavior and learn from it.

Breathe deeply and bring understanding and love to the table. Find your gifts and share them with love.

Today is the Day!

Saturn square Pluto is exact, right now, today! We have felt it building for weeks. Now it is time to face the areas of life where deep & lasting change are being demanded. You know what they are! Perhaps you have not wanted to look too deeply at these issues, likely, they are painful. It seems so much easier to keep the status quo, not rock the boat. Consider the boat rocked; there is no going back! We can no longer avoid what we now see – on a universal level, a cultural level or a personal level. Today our emotions and values are further demanding that we look deeply and cut through the walls that we erected, thinking they would protect us from the transformation we are now facing. There is confusion and a layer of fog over our afternoon, however we are blessed with Mercury moving into Sagittarius this evening providing us with the ability to face the future optimistically. Embrace the knowledge that we can move forward joyfully, no matter what Saturn and Pluto demand of us! Do what needs to be done.

Symbols of Transformation

“A crisis is a moment in which the past has the least hold on the present and the present has a maximum hold on the future “
~ Robert Hand (astrologer)
There is, understandably, a great deal of concern regarding the Square forming between Saturn and Pluto that will be exact on November 15, 2009, January 31, 2010 & August 21, 2010.
These are difficult energies to combine and there is much I would like to say regarding these issues. I will find time to write more as we get deeper into this but for now I wanted to drop something here to think about.
Please do not buy into all the panic you hear about these coming times. Do not spend a lot of energy being overly concerned; do not waste your thoughts on worry. We need to use our energy to prepare for the work ahead.
Astrology is a symbolic language. Under each symbol, there are many layers. Pluto is a symbol that brings transformation. That transformation will come. There will likely be destruction, but, please, remember that the phoenix rises out of the ashes. Without destruction, there is no space for what needs to be born anew.
Keep your eyes open, stay curious with thoughts steady, develop strength of character, keep yourself strong and healthy.
Think about the layers beneath these symbols and the layers of our lives. Individual, family, community, humanity, all that lives, all the cosmos…
First, on an individual level, you – as one, will be transformed. Pan out, just a little, your core family –partners, children, yourself – will be transformed. Again, Pan out further, gain more perspective, include your birth family, your community – will be transformed. Continue moving out, the larger community, humanity – will be transformed.
…and so on. Fascinating to contemplate the possibilities.
We are living in interesting times. There is much unknown ahead. We need to prepare ourselves to do what work there is for us to do.

Sun Signs & the Differences Between Us!

Hi, Everyone!  I will not be writing a post for this week.  I am moving this weekend, I am headed out to the country.  I apologize for the lack of a post.  Over at Astrolore’s Facebook, I will be posting the daily transits.


The following post is from the Archives!  It’s a short breakdown of Sun signs and my family, including old candid photos.  I hope you like it!  Thank you for all your support!



Sun Signs, Family, and the Differences Between Us.

What is it that makes it so difficult to understand the deep level of diversity that exists in humanity? Diversity is certainly what makes life interesting. It also makes life confusing and complicated. We grow up in these little bodies, we look around and see others who look a great deal like we do. They have a face with two eyes, a mouth, two legs, and walk upright… they must be like we are.



So, we wonder: why don’t others act the way we think they should act? Why don’t they think the way we think? Why don’t they take the advice we give them? It worked for us, didn’t it? Perhaps, we finally conclude, they just are not that smart!


Astrology opened my eyes to the shockingly huge diversity of humanity! It is what has brought me back again and again to this incredible, symbolic language with its layers upon layers of meaning. Within these layers, we see how different we are from others. We see why they do not behave as we do!


We learn to understand and appreciate how different they all are! Being able to allow your eyes to open to the true depth of human diversity is truly a gift. Before I began this study, I had deep judgments of the other humans around me. I just could not understand how they could be the way they were.


At approximately age 12, I discovered Sun Sign astrology. Even with just that one piece of astrological information, I was able to develop some understanding of the different members of my family.   Their Sun Signs are as follows:



Father – Virgo

Mother – Pisces

Brother Michael – Sagittarius

Sister Jo – Scorpio                    (Originally, we thought she was a Libra!)

Sister Gail – Leo

Brother Mark – Aquarius

Myself, the youngest – Leo.



Well, okay that understanding did help! It eased my impatience within this crazy family that I grew up in, my family of origin.


I learned to be more tolerant of Dad’s insistence that our bedrooms be precise and orderly every Saturday morning. It seemed he was running the family as a small military camp. We literally stood at attention as he inspected our rooms those Saturday mornings. I am grateful today for the amazing work ethic that he taught us in those years.


I developed a bit more compassion for my Mom’s dreamy, passive nature. Watching her feed the chickadees from her hand, as she stood motionless for hours in the snow, suddenly seemed less crazy and more surreal, whimsical, and even poetic.


Michael, the oldest sibling was certainly careless, boisterous, and opinionated! To this day, I do not know what more to say about Michael! Think about the Sun & Jupiter conjunct the Sagittarius Ascendent! This is a person with a personality so large it is hard to imagine it being contained in the body of a small child!


Jo never seemed to fit what I read about Libra, I chocked that up to her many years of serious illness as a child. She was born moments after the Sun moved into Scorpio with Pluto conjunct the Ascendent as well. It is no surprise that what I read about Libra didn’t fit her. When I discovered,years later, that her Sun was not in Libra but in Scorpio, it made so much more sense. Her years of illness as an infant had given her much power and control within the family. There was always a mysterious, private depth to her.


Gail had such vitality. She was so exuberant and expressive! There was no question that the Leo archetype fits her well. Her waist length, bright, red hair along with her natural generosity and charisma kept her at the center of all social situations. In many ways, we all revolved around the sincerity and warmth of that Leo Sun.


My brother, Mark, certainly was aloof and independent. He followed no one’s rules and refused to engage in drama. The detachment of Aquarius was clearly strong in his personality. I will never forget the day Dad forced him to throw away his patched, hippy, bell-bottom blue jeans! No matter what, Mark would never cry when provoked and would never give in. He got the pants out of the trash the next day and boldly wore them. No word about it was mentioned. I think ultimately our father knew what he was up against in Mark was not a battle that could be won.

As for myself, it was hard for me to show up with the amount of Leo energy that I was blessed with (6 Leo planets, Aries Moon). It seemed that brother Michael and sister Gail had as much fire as the family could handle. As the youngest in the family, I had the opportunity to observe the family, to see what worked and what didn’t work.


I was able to see how the family responded to Michael and Gail’s expression of Fire and I chose to keep the extent of my Leo/Aries nature under wraps. My Virgo Ascendent allowed me to keep it hidden fairly well. As an adult, I still struggle to find healthy ways to express all that Fire. The entire family, my siblings and my own adult life would have been very different had the dramatic beauty of Fire been celebrated and encouraged rather than restrained and controlled.


That amount of understanding came with the just the simplest understanding of the Sun signs. As I read and began to see that there was so much more involved in this study of Astrology I became hooked! I saw that this was a tool, a symbolic language that could open a window of understanding that would enable me to love and appreciate people in all the infinite variety that human beings come in.


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