Take Off Your Watch, Mercury is Retrograde Again!

Mercury turns retrograde three times per year,
during which time it appears as if Mercury is moving in reverse direction.
September 6th – September 29th 2009

Over the years, I have noticed that people who know nothing about Astrology have heard about Mercury retrograde. It is something that we hear spoken of in the culture even if we know nothing beyond Sun Sign Astrology. We hear that things break down; cars, computers, electronics.

Communications get messy, people are late and misunderstandings occur. “Maybe Mercury is retrograde!” we hear when things go wrong!

During this time things are not as they ordinarily are, we must take a different line of understanding, we must slow ourselves down and do some preparation in order to move forward comfortably. More accurately, we must move backward a bit in order to move forward.

When people hear that Mercury is retrograde they get nervous, they worry. Perhaps it is human nature; people like to be afraid, just a little bit. They also like to have something to blame when the little things go wrong.

With a bit of thought and a little conscious preparation, Mercury’s retrograde period can be an empowering time. A time to go back and repair things that were left behind.

It seems that in our culture we are taught that the right way to do things is to constantly move forward, to push move ahead and never look back. Going back is counterintuitive; we are impatient and somehow feel that once we are done with something we must keep moving on to the next thing.

When Mercury is retrograde, it is not a good time to move aggressively forward. It is a time to slow down and look behind. Look back over the past few months – what did we leave undone, what was never completed or was left for someone else to clean up.

When we rush to the next thing, leaving something incomplete or not up to standard, the negative side of Mercury retrograde shows itself. We stumble, things get lost, we are misunderstood, systems break down.

Let the next thing wait. Take some time to reflect. Research. Review. Revise. Rethink. Redo. Rework. Re-examine. Re-asses. Revise. Rehearse. Re-organize.

And perhaps even take some time to dream. Set aside your schedule. Meditate. Take off your watch. Read a book and count the stones in the river or the stars in the sky.

15 Minues of Fame?!

An article about my work in the local newspaper – The Burlington Free Press!
Part of my 15 minutes of fame?!

My 6 Leo Planets and my Moon in Aries sure do feel shiny tonight!

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The mystery of Pisces

The Moon is so Full, so beautiful in Pisces tonight. Dream, drift, reminisce, meditate, fantasize, allow transcendence, open to escapism, imagination or spirit. Feel reality somewhere nearby, do not call it closer. Sweeter to keep the veil in place, to allow one’s self that soothing sense of vague unknowing.

How does one feed a Pisces Moon? What is it to tap into this energy? & what can it tell us about those who are born with this placement?
I know that Pisces is intended to be outside of what we can understand and yet I hate feeling so clueless! With a strong Pisces planets or a strong placement of Neptune it is likely easier to understand this energy – even for those who have a difficult time articulating it.

Noel Tyl says that those born with this placement “need to identify the ideal, understand impressions & work with the intangible”. I roll those words through my mind over and over.

Pisces always intrigued me and yet my lack of understanding was an annoyance. I have a hard time accepting what is so foreign to my internal make up.

Some 20 years ago, I met a young man whose chart made many connections to my Leo planets and yet his Moon was in Pisces. He knew his way around the language of astrology so I thought perhaps I would enlist his help in learning to better understand Pisces. He assured me that if I would spend one full day with him I would forever understand Pisces. I was intrigued and agreed to spend the next day with him.

I picked him up very early in the morning and we parked my car in downtown Burlington Vermont. It was a very beautiful summer morning; we walked slowly to the water, the stunningly beautiful Lake Champlain. He had shared nothing with me about how we were to spend our day. We went to the King Street Dock, rented a canoe and paddled out further into the lake than what I was comfortable with (just another sign of how uncomfortable I have always been with the depth and emotion of the Water signs – I do not even know how to swim!). Once out on the lake, far from the rest of the world (or so it seemed) my friend pulled out some medicinal herbs, which we proceeded to imbibe!

It was one of those precious few idyllic days that Vermont gets only in August. We spent the day floating on the lake, feeling every tremor of the motion of the lake. We took turns laying on the bottom of the canoe, absorbing the motion, the sense of what is unknowable.

When evening came we paddled to shore and walked back through town to my car. As I drove him home, my friend asked me: “Do you understand the energy of Pisces now?”

At that point, I was not sure I understood anything, my head felt like it had all day been in a cloud. Intangibility, impressions, passive and dreamy – that certainly had been my experience of the day. Perhaps now I did understand. The surreal, soft vagueness of our conversation as we floated in space and time. It left an impression on me. In the elusive sense of escapism I did take an understanding of the feeling behind this watery sign; within the essence of Pisces.

Now, when I encounter the energy of Pisces, the dreamy sensitive depth of feeling that I received, that beautiful summer day, is always there for me to tap into.

Hummm… Neptune does Quindicile my Moon, perhaps I should give that some thought!

I will always be grateful to my friend for teaching me the intangibility of Pisces.

Wednesday morning

Today the Moon in Aquarius joins Jupiter, Neptune & Chiron. Today we have the ability to detach emotionally, to embrace the expansion of spiritual healing. Enjoy the emotional detachment of the Moon in Aquarius; it brings with it the gift of objectivity and a freedom for creativity. Friday will be the full Moon in Pisces where we can swim in compassion and deep empathy. Today enjoy the freedom, Friday will be soon enough to swim to surreal mystic depths of feeling. Do not use the Pisces Full Moon as an excuse for escapism through drugs or drink. Meditation or even mystical flights of fancy and day dreaming will be of more benefit to you and those around you.

What Has Brought Me Here!

I was transplanted to the Northeast Queendom of Vermont in 1963 from the Boston area. I was 8 years old. I remember the overwhelming feeling of reverence as I looked into the clear sky, so different from what I had grown up with until that time. The milky way was so rich and so near, it seemed certain that I could reach right out and touch it.

The precision, elegance and sheer beauty of those planets moving overhead inspired me to begin this study of Astrology in 1970 at the age of 15.

In 1994 I was happy to discover that there were people in the world that were interested in what I had learned – it was a surprise to me. My learning had been very much in a vacuum, somehow I saw Astrology as something that I was very much alone with. When I discovered this, I began consulting with folks, teaching classes and workshops. I felt great delight at this new experience of sharing!

Over the years since that time I have become aware of the beauty and the potential power of sharing Astrology with others. The wisdom within this beautiful symbolic language can be of great help in teaching us ways to live our lives with more balance, awareness and sensitivity.

My goal in is to help myself and others live the very best lives that we are able to while being unabashedly true to who we are.

I am currently a student of “The Noel Tyl Master’s Degree Certification Course” in Astrology.
Noel Tyl [no-el’ til] is one of the most significant astrologers in the world today. He has authored over thirty textbooks, which have provided great depth of knowledge for astrologers for the past two generations. Mr.Tyl wrote the comprehensive professional manual for the field – the 1,000-page text “Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology”, which has considerably raised the bar on astrology, bringing it to the level of the most sophisticated disciplines of humanistic studies of our time.

Are you at a crossroad in your life? Are your circumstances other than what you expected?

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Life Transitions Require New Perspectives!

It is my goal to empower you in the exploration of the past, present and future of your life.

Let's talk. There is so much to learn and understand.

~ Laurie