How little we understand the full impact that a child will have on our lives! 
On an intellectual level we understand that we are now responsible for another human being and yet we have no idea that this person will very likely prove to be one of our most profound teachers!
The astrological exploration of our relationships with our children provide us with deep food for thought!
When we (astrologers) look at the charts of any two people in relationship we see the profound complexities of relationship itself and the specific relationship at hand.

We are often asked to explore the romantic or domestic partnerships of our clients. In this fascinating work we have several techniques to employ.
First we compare the two horoscopes, exploring the parameters between the two; we see the symbolic challenges, the joys, the struggles, and the lessons that will be encountered.
Secondly, we explore the relationship as a separate entity apart from each individual involved. This is called the Composite Chart. In this manner we are able to explore 1) how each individual interacts with the other individual and 2) how each individual interacts with the entity of the Relationship itself.
When we work with the relationship between parent and child these same factors are often used.

However, there is another layer that is of crucial relevance in our relationships with our children.*
Consider the moment of birth. This is a moment of supreme importance in your life; and as your child’s birth, this is the moment that brings forth the horoscope of the child.

As a parent, you remember very clearly that moment in time.  You remember, as well, the months and the weeks leading up to the birth of this child.
The horoscope of your child is created from of the placement of the planets at that moment in space and time.  That moment in time is forever encompassed within your child.
As the years unfold before you, the moment of birth is ever with you in the form of this child. Think about this!
The moment of this child’s birth not only created his/her natal horoscope (birth chart) but also represented the transits that you were encountering at that time.
Where you happy? Were you afraid? Where you sad? Elated? What was your general experience of your world at that juncture in time?

Did your lifestyle, your friends, your community, and your most intimate Relationships supply a supportive container for your life as a new mom?

Was your life was hectic, full of drama and heartache; was it peaceful and full of love?

Consider for a moment the full scope of your life at that time.
That moment is encapsulated within the child. As you relate with your child you are relating with that time in your life. There is no question.
If it was a difficult time in your life, this child will bring some of your toughest lessons to you. There is healing to be done and your child is here to help you with the process. Thank them for the teaching that they bring.

As each of us comes into the world we hold the moment of our first breath with us always, that is our natal horoscope.
That moment of first breath is frozen in time within us. It is our slice of time to work with, heal, and learn from. Our children hold the moment they were born with them. In our relationship to them we are in relationship with that specific time in our lives.
Contact me today. We can work together to more fully understand the role our children play in our lives and in our personal healing.
As we heal our connection to that time, through their teaching, we sooth and heal their path as well.
*To a somewhat lesser degree this is also applicable in our relationships with younger siblings, nieces, nephews, or other children we are closely involved with at the time of their birth.