With the MOON IN PISCES until 9:51PM EDT last night, we likely spent yesterday in a bit of a fog, unable to focus or really keep our minds on whatever we were trying to accomplish.  Or perhaps we used the energy well, in some sort of mystical, compassionate or spiritual endeavor, making music or playing in fantasy! If our day was based in more grounded pursuits than these, it may have been a struggle.
Last night at 9:51PM the MOON left those idealistic and sensitive waters of PISCES for impulsive, dynamic ARIES where she will spend the next few days.
Whatever sign the MOON is in creates the general emotional mood, or environment of the day.
With THE MOON IN ARIES, our interactions with others can heat up quickly, we may be short-tempered or impatient, we are also more energetic, independent and courageous than at other times. During an ARIES MOON it would be best not to assume that those around will be passive or willing to be pushed around, or to take the short end of the stick!  During these times we may be surprised by an aggressive or combative streak we didn’t know we, or someone else had.
With the SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY (still retrograde) IN SAGITTARIUS  today there is a strong focus on communication and the sharing of information. Our thoughts are on hopeful and optimistic solutions to our current situations.  We are also functioning under a FIRST QUARTER MOON indicating the need to take the first steps in a project whose seed was planted at the NEW MOON (November 25th).
Adding to the communication issues of the day MERCURY SQUARE MARS (VIRGO).  Our optimistic ideas and expansive thinking may have gotten ahead of our energy, determination or ability to act on those thoughts. We see where we want to go but are not yet ready to, able to, or are somehow blocked from take the steps that are necessary to put these ideas into action. This may result in frustration and a possible sence of self defeat.

It is important that we honor the process of our thinking right now and pace ourselves in action. I know how hard that can be with the ARIES energy breathing down our neck! … But slow down, do some research. For now it is important to build on our ability to exercise patience.
Take what steps are necessary to ensure that our frustration does not cause a breakdown in communications with others.  We will need others (the entire community) to be part of this project when the time is right.

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