The MOON enters the moody emotional waters of CANCER at 7:33 AM EDT slowing down our minds, after the very busy state of our thinking during the past few days of Gemini Moon!
As we search for a resting place, we turn toward our families, loved ones, the past, and the deepest tender places of vulnerability within.
Today you are likely to encounter an opportunity to stabilize your situation in several ways.
There is nothing to suggest that you will,  necessarily, accept that opportunity, or travel the path that is generously presented. Your own free will determines your response to what is offered.

However, if your eyes are open, and your mind is alert, you will see the offering.
Your job is to take what is offered today.
Consider the issue of Vulnerability. We all try to avoid those places in our lives where we sense our deepest vulnerability, and yet, if we pay attention it becomes clear that our deepest opportunities, creativity, and ability to move forward come when we courageously face those internal vulnerabilities.
Perhaps facing our inherent vulnerability is the very definition of courage.