Monday, December 10, 2012:
The MOON continues through SCORPIO today bringing our emotions to deep levels of passion, introspection, and the desire to control all that may effect our mood today!
This is a day made to practice non-attachment! It is important not to take ourselves too seriously!
We all struggle, we all do our best, and we make life easier all around if we take the pressure off and simply be kind to ourselves and to others, without being attached to any outcome!

This evening brings us to an important shift as MERCURY MOVES FROM SCORPIO INTO SAGITTARIUS!
As we pay attention to the movement of the planets we find that our minds do indeed, follow MERCURY. 
As MERCURY goes, so go our communications, our thoughts, and our day-to-day plans. Today MERCURY ENTERS SAGITTARIUS releasing our thoughts from the inward, introspective space they have been in to an expansive space of freedom and open expression!
Explore new ideas, new plans, new cultures, move toward an intellectual understanding of things that are outside of the box we have become too familiar with.
Collectively our minds have been deeply inward, introspective, and possibly secretive. Now, as Mercury enters Sagittarius, our collective intellect moves outward toward expansion, travel, freedom, and a deep desire for understanding!
The thing to be aware of with this placement of MERCURY is the tendency to get overly attached to our opinions, We may actually believe that in order for us to be ‘right’ others must be ‘wrong’.

Please remember that our opinions are just that: OPINIONS! 
They are not fact, they are opinions!  Our opinions result form our personal perspective of the world. Other people see a very different view.
We must exercise caution when we notice ourselves believing that we are smarter, wiser, or that we personally have a handle on ‘TRUTH’ more than others people!
Other people see a very life from a very different perspective and come to very different conclusions. Do not assume that one of you is wrong.
Our truth, is our truth; not The Truth!
How can we believe that there is one solid TRUTH in the world?  There are a million variations on what is true and what is of value! Honor the truth of others as you wish them to honor the truths that you hold dear!

Keep the window of curiosity open! We can all learn from the Truth that we each hold!

Mercury in Sagittarius will allow us to lighten up as we move toward the holidays. Perhaps we are ready to forgive those we have been holding a grudge against!
We can loosen up the intensity within our minds and untie intellectual knots around our current situations. Allow any grudges toward others to release.
Allow our minds to follow the arrow of the archer!

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