‘Tree Mushroom’ photo by Laurie

With the Moon in Pisces we feel empathy for others, we are able to understand that we are more similar than different from those around us. We are able to perceive an expansion of perspective that is very soft and yet contains an edge of protectiveness. We see the suffering of others – we aspire to find a way to offer help.

Deeply held feelings that have long been difficult to unravel can find expression today. The world need our wisdom. It is time to release whatever has held us down so long.

There is opportunity in this time – keep open to intuition – be prepared to leap!

Enthusiasm will keep the day interesting. There may seem little distinction between fantasy and reality today. Our dreams seem as real as anything in the tangible world.

Enjoy your imagination and fantasies, take time with them. Write some poetry, look at the sky, spend time with yourself, forgive yourself and others, take a walk, watch an old film or make a new one.

Create Magic. Dream.

Mercury and Sun Trine Neptune and Chiron
Moon approaches Jupiter

‘Lake Tide’ photo by Laurie