‘Passing Clouds’ photo by Laurie

It is wonderful to start the weekend with an easy and highly social Aquarius Moon. It is time to put the past behind and move fearlessly into the future without apology. Aquarius has the reputation of detachment due to the ability to move forward for the good of all, rather than being held back to please a few. It is a very humanitarian sign, looking to project into the future for the greater good of humankind.

Expect sudden insights from unexpected places today. Reach out to others, knowing that the seeds you plant take root in the dark, you will likely never know what your remarks or actions may result in. Look into the world around you from a more humanitarian context, open into the larger picture.

Individually, look to the past to see your current place in the world with the understanding that you are creating your future with every thought, word and deed that you take today.

‘Mind’ photo by Laurie

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