As we come to the end of another deeply intense week, there is much to contemplate, much to consider as we chose our path forward.
As Sunday brings the FIRST QUARTER MOON we seek the appropriate step forward, the action that is necessary at this juncture.

The old is gone, the new continues to beckon.  We wait for clarity.
The bridge to our future vision seems unclear.  Although, it may be right in front of us; simply not as yet recognized or acknowledged!
Are we able to deeply trust our minds? Do we clearly perceive the reality of our situation?
Without a solid trust of our minds and our perceptions how can we choose our path forward?  How do we develop an unshakable trust in our minds?
The clouds that obscure our vision seem numerous.  This is the condition of our minds.  Beyond that veil is a clear blue sky; one that we know is simple and true.  How do we see beyond the veil of those constantly shifting forms?
It is interesting to watch as we attempt to accommodate, and understand, the new reality of the current WATER GRAND TRINE!
For so long we have been held tightly in the grip of the Square between URANUS AND PLUTO!  The tension between URANUS AND PLUTO is still very much with us, and is not ending anytime soon!  However, it is important to understand that the current GRAND TRINE gives us a way to work with the reality of where we find ourselves and a way to see beyond the clouds that obscure our vision and our clarity of mind.

When times are challenging it is easy to think that nothing will ever get better! Last Fall we may have had a glimpse of remembering that nothing stays the same, that these times of stress are changing, even as they continue to transform the fabric of our lives.  Last October Saturn first came into Trine aspect with Neptune.

Are we beginning to understand that it is now our choice to transcend the limitations we perceive; that we can rise above what has been holding us back?
The personal planets are now moving into, and through, CANCER, connecting with SATURN (SCORPIO) AND NEPTUNE (PISCES) forming a GRAND TRINE.
The opportunity to transcend the difficulties we have been immersed in (through a softening of our internal walls) is reflected and supported by this ongoing Grand Trine.

Look around! You may be amazed at the number of people who are moving in the direction of emotional healing and spiritual transcendence. As a collective we are opening our hearts deeply to an understanding of the profound interconnectedness of our world!

Each day I talk with amazing people. I hear incredible stories of love and of new found understanding of our interconnectedness. I witness people having breakthroughs, realizing that kindness, generosity, overwhelming compassion, and love are the most important things we have to offer to all of the world. 
The awareness that as we offer this love and compassion to the world, the cold places in our own hearts are healed as well. With this healing, this softening comes an amazing freedom to our souls!  In this freedom come the trust and openness of MIND. We understand that MIND and HEART are ONE.

Last week both MERCURY and VENUS took their place, forming the first of a full expression of this GRAND TRINE.  Mind and Heart open to transcendence of boundaries and stabilization of transcendence.

Throughout the next six weeks The Sun, Jupiter, and Mars will cycle through this space.
This reflects our availability to engage in deeply significant  levels of love and connection throughout our Summer season.
Stay tuned for more information as we move into the coming weeks ahead. For now, enjoy this weekend with the lovely MOON IN VIRGO.  Seek and deliver selfless kindness.