We are only a few days away from another episode of MERCURY RETROGRADE! Today I really felt it, in myself and everyone I encountered. I experienced  it as a slight panic, things not moving smoothly, everything seeming to bump into everything else. As each issue arises as we see the solution and grasp for it, there is another issue that arises to prevent that solution from working; they arise and bump, arise and bump…. ugh.

It is time to remember all the wonderful things about Mercury retrograde!
It is time to slow down and not take on another extra… Anything! There is nothing that needs to be started right now… no new projects, no new study, no new relationship!
What have we left undone, what have we not completed during the past few months? Mercury turned direct from its last retrograde period on August 26th. Think about where we were then. What have we moved forward on since that time?  Now we must go back and complete those projects, those situations. We must make sure nothing has been left undone on any projects, situations or any relationships since that time.
With Mercury in Sagittarius we will be wise to re-think our position on freedom, on our beliefs, our idealisms and cultural understandings. Make sure you are clear on your positions on philosophical, cultural or political issues.
My last post on Mercury Retrograde from last August, is well worth re-reading!  Remember: keep the prefix ‘re’ closely at hand! “The prefix ‘re’ is a synonym for again, indicating a return to a previous condition, or repetition of a previous action.” The next few weeks are all about returning and completing.
The weekend seems far away already but the energy of SUN SQUARE NEPTUNE lingers. We probably encountered our fair share of missed opportunities, misunderstandings or just personal confused thinking. Something in our environment just feels unclear. We don’t really know where we stand or what is the right direction to turn. The best thing is to let it rest. Do not demand an answer from yourself or others. Nothing is solid or clear. Allow for impressibility and imagination. Don’t worry about the answer right now. There is time for that ahead.
Now for today: Tuesday!  Important News!
This is generally felt as a relief! Yes, I know it is hard to recognize a relief when we are just starting to see the need to make the Mercury retrograde adjustment. But think about the dark time we are coming out off. The SCORPIO Season is such an intense time! I hope we were all able to work well with that energy and dig deeply for our own inner enrichment and empowerment during the past month.
Now, as the Sun enters Sagittarius we are ready to look to the higher mountain tops. Until Mercury turns direct on December 13th, don’t try to move to any of those mountains (unless, of course, you have already been inhabiting them for the past several months). But do enjoy the expansive vision, open your mind to the wisdom of the great perspective from that arrow shot from the bow of the archer.
It is that perspective, that vision that Sagittarius brings. We are able to open our minds to a wider view of ourselves and how we fit into the world.  Embody the wisdom available here, understand that to receive respect it is necessary to give respect. To do so requires that we do not hold our own opinions so tightly that we can not understand the position of those who may oppose us. There is freedom in understanding that we are all in this situation together. Hope is in the bringing together of many minds, many opinions. Open your heart. Open your mind!