Today we come to the second Aquarius Full Moon of the season, making it an official Blue Moon. The first was on July 22nd and the second is tonight at 9:44PM EDT.
A Full Moon brings us to the fulfillment of the cycle that began at the New Moon (occurring 2 weeks prior to the Full Moon) and suggests an outpouring of creative energy.
With the Full Moon in Aquarius the Sun is in the opposing sign of Leo.
Bringing these energies together is suggestive of great vision and motion toward the future. Aquarius brings us out of the dark ages and into a new exciting future, leaving behind the need to conform to the expectations of others.

Being presented with two Aquarius Full Moons, suggests that we are being given a second opportunity to work with and express this powerful energy of freedom and individuality. 
What would it look like if we were not imprisoned by others expectations? What would it look like if we could fully accept the deepest quirks of our personality without apology? What if we could be fully authentic and true to ourselves without fear of losing our jobs, the respect of others, or our loved ones?
The combination of Leo and Aquarius is an interesting one. Leo is very personal and aware of the world from the perspective of ‘Self’.  Aquarius, on the other hand, is detached from self and has a much deeper concern for the larger human community, the collective. Aquarius sees the individual ego as needing to be sacrificed for the good of the whole.
Aquarius is ruled by the Uranus, the planet that reflects our need for deep change, revolution, and originality.
Where in your life are you ready to fully ‘own’ your true authentic needs, the deepest originality of who you are? Where in your life are you sick and tired of trying to please others, or stick with the status quo, simply because it is what is expected of you? Perhaps you thought going along with the expectations of others would make life easier. Perhaps ease is not what you should be looking for!
Perhaps the path less taken will open possibilities that will bring, not only you, but the entire culture forward!
Innovation and breakthroughs are possible and necessary at this time. We no longer have to follow the rule books that were written long ago. It is time that we learn how to live our lives from a space of compassion and love for all of humanity rather than from a place of deep selfishness.

The world has changed and as we encounter new information our lives change. Regardless of the attitudes of others, here is nothing to apologize for! When we see a new way of living that requires courage and love, we can be proud of the direction and the path we choose.
I suspect there is something in your life (indicated by the area in your chart that this Full Moon falls in) that you can see a new way of doing.  Are you able to let go of the opinions of others and step forward? In this area your example can more the entire culture forward, even if only in one small way! Don’t ever underestimate the importance of those small steps!

Let go of what is holding you back from living the authentic life that you know is possible. Regardless of how many times you may fall on your face, keep getting up, keep moving forward. As you express your truth you will find those whose path mirrors yours!
The world is changing; we need to express the full uniqueness of who we are in order to present option to those looking for alternatives to the ways of the past! This is the path for you to follow.
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