Once again we are at the brink of a New Year – 2010!

As another year’s calendar comes to a close, we embark on familiar cultural rituals. We look back. We look forward. We make plans to celebrate, we make resolutions and we hope that the coming year will be better than the last!

As 2009 comes to an end, take the time to contemplate, to consider your current, past and future circumstances. Are you in a better situation: happier, healthier than you were at the end of 2008? or are your circumstances and situation worse/more difficult? Does it seem almost as though you are living a completely different life than the one you were living last year? or does it all seem very similar? Did the changes you intended last year come to pass or are you still repeating all those same old patterns?

Adjust your lens from the past into the future… do you imagine next December 31st looking much the same or very different from how your life looks tonight? Do you have the energy, can you create what you want in the upcoming year?

The entire landscape of our lives will likely appear vastly different 365 days from now! (Indeed, dramatic changes could occur in the next half hour, but we’ll keep focused on the year ahead!)

We have no way of knowing as one year ends if we will even be here to celebrate the ending of the next. We do not know who will be by our side. Perhaps the same people that are with you tonight? Perhaps people you you have only recently met or people you have never met or even someone yet to be born will be by your side!? Indeed, you may be alone next year – by choice or by circumstance!
There are no crystal balls and absolutley no indication of the minor or considerable pains and/or pleasures ahead.

Perhaps the purpose of this yearly celebration is simply to mark the passage of time. With this ritual celebration we drive a stake into the ground to remind ourselves of where we stood at this time, to distinguish with this celebration, one year from the next.

I suspect that many of us have memories of New Years Eve celebrations where we were with people and in circumstances that were not good for us, situations that we did not know how to get out of easily. Perhaps we were expected to do things a certain way and did not know how to say what we really wanted. Perhaps we were afraid of what that act, of seeming rebellion, would create in the coming year and we were not ready to face those changes.

We have only a certain amount of control regarding how the coming year unfolds. Circumstances, “acts of god” and the actions of others are outside of our control. What we can control, however, is how we spend this last night of the year and the first day of the new year.

Remember the song, popular in the early 70’s “Love The One You’re With”…. many of us are afraid to be alone, particularly on this night that we have been taught we must ‘party’, drink, live it up, celebrate….. that is the ritual….

So, how about this year? Who are you spending your New Year’s Celebration with? And what are you doing with your evening and your day tomorrow? Are you where you want to be? With who you want to be with?

Let this evening and your day tomorrow reflect what you want for the coming year! You owe it to yourself and to all those you love to be true to yourself and honest enough in your relationships to face the future coming from a place of clarity and self acceptance!

It is very likely that there will be both pain and pleasure in the upcoming year. The trick is to accept each as it comes. Open your heart and watch with curiosity as the year unfolds!

11 years ago today my mom died. Perhaps that event, coming on a day of traditional celebration, has brought a different light to my understanding of the importance of this day. Tonight I will spend Joyfully alone. I will enjoy the time of solitude, time to contemplate the year behind and the year ahead.

Moving on, respecting and releasing what is past – making the space for what will come.