Not the Dailies – Early Words about Next Week


Don’t fret.

The full dailies will be in your mail tomorrow as always!


Today I wanted to alert you to the high points of the week ahead:

The upcoming week offers challenges and deep struggles alongside areas of free flow and excitement. Which are you expecting/ preparing for?

Open your heart to the positive flow of excitement, stability, and love that is seeking its way into your spirit.

Assist others who you see reeling from your own areas of deep challenge and struggle.

Understand that if you are grappling so are those around you. As you help those around you with similar issues your own challenges reverse or relieve themselves. Kindness soothes and heals the soul.

Thursday will bring with it the most intense day. The New Moon comes at 20degrees Cancer along with an opposition to Pluto. Open your eyes to a long-hidden issue that now seeks healing. You are able to recognize the seed that needs planting, it is the one that will grow your heart beyond this old worn out problem. With the understanding you gain on this issue now, you are able (and required) to help others as you move forward.


The most significant challenge of the week (Sun oppose Pluto) will play out in this area of your life. Check for both your Sun Sign and your Rising Sign/Ascendant.

  • Aries Sun & Rising: Home vs Career

  • Taurus Sun & Rising: Communications vs Learning

  • Gemini Sun & Rising: Personal Resources vs the Resources of Others

  • Cancer Sun & Rising: My Self vs My Relationship
  • Leo Sun & Rising: Hidden understandings vs Everyday life
  • Virgo Sun & Rising: Community vs Creativity
  • Libra Sun & Rising: Career/ Reputation vs Home/ Family
  • Scorpio Sun & Rising: Understanding vs. Communication
  • Sagittarius Sun & Rising: What is yours vs what is mine
  • Capricorn Sun & Rising: My Relationship/ My Self
  • Aquarius Sun & Rising: Everyday routines vs Mystical connection
  • Pisces Sun & Rising: Giving Love vs Receiving Love

Obra Serie Soluz by Felipe Juan Artista via Wiki Commons


Where have you felt stuck since early March? Now you ready to expand as Jupiter turns direct on Tuesday afternoon. Where will you experience this expansion?

  • Aries Sun & Rising: Understanding of Others

  • Taurus Sun & Rising: Relationships

  • Gemini Sun & Rising: Daily routines
  • Cancer Sun & Rising: Creativity
  • Leo Sun & Rising: Home/ Family connection
  • Virgo Sun & Rising: Communication
  • Libra Sun & Rising: Finances/ Self-esteem
  • Scorpio Sun & Rising: Sense of Self
  • Sagittarius Sun & Rising: Understanding of Internal or Mystical States
  • Capricorn Sun & Rising: Community
  • Aquarius Sun & Rising: Career/ Reputation
  • Pisces Sun & Rising: Education/ Travel


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