A Week to begin anew!

December 30, 2013 – January 5, 2013

The heavens present us with a GRAND CROSS this week forming between THE SUN, MERCURY, & PLUTO (all in CAPRICORN) URANUS (in ARIES), MARS (in LIBRA), and JUPITER (in CANCER).
The first day of the New Year offers up a very intense NEW MOON! Any New Year’s resolutions you are considering, be sure they are worthy of a very deep commitment. There are deep levels of power and significance to whatever we commit to at this NEW MOON.

Monday, December 30, 2013:

Several minutes after midnight SUN SQUARE URANUS getting the week off to a unusual, detached, and somewhat eccentric start. By now we probably realize that as any planet tangles up with URANUS , it will very soon make contact with PLUTO as well.
Now MARS (the planet of assertiveness, courage, strength, and anger) joins in the complexity, offering courage and initiative as he comes into a SQUARE ASPECT WITH PLUTO, having opposed Uranus last Wednesday, on Christmas day. It is apparent to me that just about anything could happen during the course of this week. Keep your eyes open and expect the unexpected. Understand that everyone is in the same boat, dealing with the tension and anxiety of these formations.
What do you need to release at this time?
The energies of Monday are perhaps simplified by the fact that the Moon is VOC in SAGITTARIUS all day. Your best bet is to work internally with the energies of the day, go inward. We are in the Dark of the Moon. The necessary work today is internal. The most important requirement is really to simply be kind and deeply compassionate to all…. but first offer this kindness to the Self. Take a walk in the woods today, touch nature.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013:

With MERCURY CONJUNCT PLUTO and SQUARE MARS on Tuesday, be aware of your words, be conscious of the conversations you engage in. The day starts with the moon VOC in SAGITTARIUS. She made her last aspect yesterday morning at 6:36 AM which was a SEXTILE TO MARS, until 1:01 PM today the moon is VOC encouraging us to simply absorb these intensifications, watch them carefully, and respond consciously.
Responding automatically is bound to bring consequences. Keep awareness centered on your verbal and non verbal responses. At 1:01 PM the MOON ENTERS CAPRICORN bringing an appropriately serious energy to the evening. Whatever these last two days have brought to your life may be very significant, nevertheless, keep in mind that we are in the Darkest part of the MOON; things are simmering below the surface getting ready to start anew. The final aspect to the MOON today is a SEXTILE to NEPTUNE in the early evening.

A SEXTILE BETWEEN MOON AND NEPTUNE bodes well for this evenings celebrations but remember there is a seriousness within the fantasy we would like to engage in.

Our hopes and dreams for the upcoming year are likely to be ambitious and transformative. We have high hopes and high expectations of ourselves moving forward.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014:

This is certainly an impressive day for the first day of the year! 6:14 AM EST we greet a New Year along with the NEW MOON at 10° CAPRICORN. This will bring each of us to a new cycle of seriousness, responsibility, integrity, and ambition. The NEW MOON itself is aspecting The SUN, URANUS, PLUTO, MARS, AND JUPITER.
Your life is ready for change, upheaval, intensification, and forward motion at this time.
We are each encountering a time of extreme change within ourselves and within the culture and the world we live in.
On a personal level, what is it that you want to create in the upcoming year?
Get clear about what it is you want and write it down somewhere that you can refer to it over the coming months. Take a particular practical action on this day to symbolize the manifestation of your future ambitions. Where are your hopes for the upcoming year, what can you do on this day to focus those ambitions?
There is great empowerment available within this day! Take advantage of these energies!
There is great empowerment available.

Thursday, January 2, 2014:

On Thursday the MOON IN CAPRICORN make her final aspect (CONJUNCTION TO VENUS) at 6:11 AM EST. This brings us to a pleasant VOC time of rejuvenation until she enters AQUARIUS at 12:02 PM EST. This is likely to be a slow and pleasant morning, take a friend to breakfast or bring flowers to your desk at work. The late afternoon and evening will prove to be a more interesting time! The MOON IN AQUARIUS brings our emotions into more unusual exciting spontaneous places. Allow yourself to explore issues and ideas that seem unconventional and somehow quirky.
This evening The SUN IN CAPRICORN forms a square pattern to MARS IN LIBRA; expect energy to move rapidly in your own individual consciousness regarding your most significant relationships. The current cycle between The SUN and MARS began in mid April 2013. What started in your life at that time regarding your sexuality, a new or revitalized relationship, or something that you personally felt very passionate about?
Whatever began at that time now must be attended to with a very real concrete assertive step forward! What can you do today to push forward with the agenda that began in April? The action that you take today will lead you to the full illumination of this situation in early April 2014. Look to the areas of your chart that contain 12degrees CAPRICORN and 12degrees LIBRA.

Friday, January 3, 2014:

MERCURY OPPOSES JUPITER on Friday. Consider an expansion of communications or learning that began in late May 2013. What cycle of expansive ideas or communications began at that time? Look to 25degrees Taurus to consider where the cycle began. Keep clear awareness of communications, conversations, and expansive thinking. It may be easy to say more than is necessary. Whatever you were thinking about back in May is now fully in view and fully expressed. Your thoughts may be able to absorb ideas that are more expansive then the ideas you normally expect. Previously these thoughts may have been too large for your mind to comprehend. Today you see clearly with a fuller understanding. This line of thinking involves belief, spirituality, religion, god, or some equally large concept.
The MOON moves through AQUARIUS on Friday, we are able to explore areas of unusual and detached emotional realms. This evening may bring a bit of discomfort if you try to shirk your responsibilities. ha!

Saturday, January 4, 2014:

Now we come to the weekend, a Saturday following very intense transits over this past week. The holidays are now behind us. Today the MOON IN AQUARIUS IS VOC until 11:58 AM EST when she moves into PISCES. The only aspect the PISCES MOON makes throughout the day is a CONJUNCTION TO NEPTUNE (the ruler of Pisces) at 5:27 PM. This looks to be a day of things not quite the way we expect them to be. Our thinking may be less than clear! Things are not as they appear to be.
Whatever you expect, let it be easy. Life will work far better this weekend without major expectations. Enjoy a dreamy day with music, a great film, and a glass of wine.

Sunday, January 5, 2014:

MOON IN PISCES on Sunday SEXTILE PLUTO, SUN & MERCURY; TRINE JUPITER & SATURN. Today offers us the beautiful free flowing energies of a GRAND TRINE IN WATER! This may be a highly emotional day of sinking into love and feelings. Allow yourself to nurture and to be nurtured.
The SUN OPPOSES JUPITER releasing the energy that began in mid-June 2013. Whatever expansion began at that time is clearly illuminated on this day. Our lives and our circumstances seem very expanded, all things feel possible. Watch the level of enthusiasm available, enjoy it without making demands or having set expectations.