February 11, 2021 2:06PM EST

This post first appeared on Hidden Path Astrology and is written by Jennie Date

The Rogue Wizard

At the last Winter Solstice, astrologers and astronomers sang homage to the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. Similarly, the next New Moon shows a rare and powerful Aquarian concentration, extending this progressive storyline. Like a rogue wizard, brilliant Aquarius wanders outside the confines of conventional society, breaking the rules and questioning the status quo.

Quantum Leap

At the New Moon, the Sun and the Moon aim to elevate society’s trajectory beyond the traditional paradigm. According to Einstein, problems cannot be solved using the same thinking that created them. At its heart, Aquarius represents the need to cast off the shackles of the old shell to radically free the mind.

 Additionally, this assembly of planets indicates the requirement for deep rumination, to probe the original causes of our current predicament. We must cross-examine our value system and acknowledge that social justice is crucial for the greater good. As the ecosystem shifts gears beneath our very feet, we feel the wake-up call to make a quantum leap in the quest for solutions. Mars, the planet of action, exerts a great deal of pressure to bring these solutions into the concrete realm. There are other beings besides just us whose fates hang in the balance. Adopting a stance of curiosity and kindness serves to uplift us all.

Free Yourself

Consider where in your life you feel held back, constricted, blocked, or stale. Plant a seed to radically free yourself from old habits, storylines, or ancient wounds that impede your conscious growth.  Read below for suggestions, using your Rising Sign (or if you don’t know it, use your Sun Sign).

Aries: Fully accept genuine compliments from your friends

Taurus: Re-envision simple ways that contribute to the social good at work

Gemini: Sign up for a radically new course of study

Cancer: Create a secret ritual that grounds you before difficult conversations

Leo: Listen deeply and empathetically in any one-to-one connections

Virgo: Train in an entirely new discipline

Libra: Set aside one hour to do something entirely joyful for you

Scorpio: Picture a favorite ancestor and honor their most admirable qualities

Sagittarius: Talk to someone you don’t know with a sense of curiosity

Capricorn: Notice negative self-talk, write it down, burn it & replace with a positive one

Aquarius: Make a deep commitment to being your own best friend

Pisces: Walk mindfully outside with reverence and absolute focus


This post first appeared on Hidden Path Astrology and is written by Jennie Date