Neptune Brings Opportunity for Inspiration & Compassion!

Sunday, November 11, 2012:

Since June 3, 2012, NEPTUNE, the planet of mysticism, illusion, and self-transcendence has been moving retrograde.
NEPTUNE’s retrograde period began at 1 degree PISCES and has been moving through the late degrees of Aquarius since August 4th.
Today NEPTUNE TURNS DIRECT at 00degrees of PISCES, the sign that NEPTUNE rules.
NEPTUNE has no use for boundaries in PISCES, s/he is open, elusive, full of inspiration and compassion. NEPTUNE seeks peace through devotion and utter sensitivity.
As NEPTUNE is now moving forward we seek deep, ideal sensitivity, we seek peace, unconditional love, and open-heartedness, we seek a way to love without defense. We seek to open our hearts to the suffering we see in all of human kind. 
We are ready to open to what is offered to see the best and suffer for the purpose of understanding the true meaning of being human.
Depth and true spirituality is calling us. Humanity has a great opportunity to open to Spirit during this time, to begin a true understanding of what it means to be human.
Let us take advantage of this opportunity to open ourselves to a connection with Spirit that is fully accepting, that does not pit one belief against another, that accepts all of human reality as equally valid.  

Let us learn to love one another with a full understanding of our deep and beautiful diversity. 

MOON IS IN LIBRA all day bringing the enjoyment and expression of beauty and love to the forefront of our minds. 

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